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A bathroom is a place we all visit multiple times a day, but it can also pose a lot of problems for people with various mobility challenges. Shower chairs, raised toilet seats, and bedside commodes are all common solutions to make hygiene activities safer and more comfortable.

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Shower Chairs
Shower Chairs
From $43.82
Shower Commode Chairs
Shower Commode Chairs
From $176.78
Bariatric Commodes
Bariatric Commodes
From $113.29
From $56.71
Raised Toilet Seats
Raised Toilet Seats
From $31.23
Toilet Safety Frames
Toilet Safety Frames
From $37.13
Pediatric Bath Chairs
Pediatric Bath Chairs
From $228.99
Shower Gurneys
Shower Gurneys
From $876.22
Grab Bars
Grab Bars
From $20.29

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Toileting Aids:

  • Bedside Commodes - For people with strength and mobility limitations, bedside commodes are a great solution to make toileting safe and accessible. Serving as a freestanding toilet wherever you need it, commodes are a great solution for people who can't comfortably access a standard bathroom toilet.
  • Commode Accessories - Commodes are also available with a range of optional components like pads, handrails, and replaceable buckets to improve both hygiene and comfort.
  • Bidet Toilet Seats - For people who are looking for an extra clean, bidet toilet seats can modify existing toilets to include a refreshing bidet as an alternative to toilet tissue.
  • Toileting Aids - Toileting can include a range of different motions and tasks that can be really challenging for people who are aging or disabled. Toileting aids are tools designed to combat these challenges by improving reach, access, and comfort for a range of needs.

Bathing Aids:

  • Bath Benches - Showering can be exhausting, especially for people with limited mobility, or decreased stamina due to aging or other conditions. Bath benches are a great solution that allows people to rest during a shower or enjoy a full shower while seated.
  • Bath Chairs - For users who have difficulty remaining supported while in a bath, bath chairs are a great way to stay comfortable and safe during both baths and showers, offering stability and support for hygiene tasks.
  • Wall Mounted Shower Benches - For people looking for a seated showering option but wanting to save space, wall-mounted shower benches are the perfect solution. They offer support, but can still be folded up after use to enable full access to the bath or shower base.
  • Bath Safety Mats - Bathtubs and showers are often a dangerous zone due to the combination of soap, water, and hard surfaces. Bath safety mats are a great way to combat this danger, providing traction to stop the feet from slipping, and helping to prevent falls.
  • Handheld Shower - For users who are seated while showering, sometimes the showerhead may be difficult to access or not properly angled for your needs. That's where handheld showers come in - they allow users or caregivers to hold the shower head and position it as needed for proper hygiene and comfort.
  • Bathtub Rails - To improve stability as people move in and out of bathtubs and showers, bathtub rails are a great way to provide better support. Offering a secure handhold for people with limited strength or mobility, these grabrails are the perfect way to prevent falls.
  • Bath Tub Lifts - Getting in and out of the bathtub can be physically challenging, especially for people who are weaker or less dexterous. Bathtub lifts are the solution to this problem, slowly and comfortably lifting and transferring people from the top to the bottom of the tub with maximum comfort and safety.


  • Pediatric Bathing & Toileting Chairs - For kids with special needs or other disabilities, bathing and toileting requires a bit of extra support. Bathing and toileting chairs are a great combination solution to keep them safe and comfortable through hygiene tasks of all kinds.
  • Pediatric Bath Lifts and Tubs - Similar to adult bath lifts, pediatric bath lifts and tubs are designed to safely and comfortably lower and raise kids in and out of bathtubs so that they can get in and out with ease.

Accessible Tubs and Showers:

  • Side Access Bathing Systems - Another solution to the challenge of getting down into a standard bathtub and then back out again is the side-access bathtub. Instead of the traditional bathtub that you lay down in, these tubs feature a side door that allows you to easily step in and then sit for easier bathing.
  • Height-Adjustable Bathtubs - Most often used in professional caregiving situations like hospitals, these bathtubs allow patients to be transferred into a tub and then comfortably bathed at ideal working height for the caregiver.
  • Walk-In Bathtubs - Similar to side-access bathtubs, these tubs are designed to allow users to easily walk in and then sit down without the physical challenge that a traditional bathtub design provides. 
  • Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom - For wheelchair users, the bathroom can be a challenge to navigate due to the small space and often inaccessible design. Wheelchair-accessible bathroom equipment helps to modify the space for ease of access and better comfort.

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