Walking Canes

Canes are designed to provide a comfortable and convenient solution for mobility assistance, ideal for users who need mild to moderate support to move around comfortably and effectively. Rehabmart offers a wide variety of canes in all shapes and sizes, offering those with offset handles, designer prints, and ultra-stable quad or three-point bases.

Straight Canes
Straight Canes
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Bariatric Canes
Bariatric Canes
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Cane Tips
Cane Tips
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Blind Canes
Blind Canes
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Pediatric Canes
Pediatric Canes
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Folding Canes
Folding Canes
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Designer Canes
Designer Canes
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Rehabmart is proud to offer a vast selection of designer canes, folding canes, quad/three-point canes, pediatric canes, bariatric canes, blind canes, and cane accessories.

Canes offer an easy way for users of all ages who face mobility limitations to maneuver independently. Whether due to a chronic illness or temporary injury, canes provide an excellent solution for mobility support that can be used in any setting.

A range of models and designs offer accommodation for the unique needs and preferences of every user. With straight, curved, and offset handles, solid, adjustable, and folding shafts, and single-point, tri-point, and quad-point bases, canes come in any design that fits your body, your tastes, and your unique needs, as well as coming in a wide variety of colors and designs to match your wardrobe.

How to Choose a Cane

When selecting a cane, it’s important to consider a variety of design features and different needs you may have for your cane.

Handle Shape
Canes are crafted with a wide variety of handle designs ranging from the simple rounded hook to novelty handles shaped like animal heads. For an orthopedic, everyday cane, however, the typical handle styles are rounded, offset, or angled.

  • Rounded cane handles are the oldest design, modeled after the traditional shepherd’s crook. They offer modest comfort plus the added convenience of being able to hook it to your arm, shopping cart, or other railings when it’s not in use.
  • Offset cane handles are what is most commonly offered by healthcare professionals. The unique offset shape helps better distribute weight along the length of the shaft, while a soft grip handle promotes comfort that is more gentle on your hands as you walk.
  • Angled cane handles are probably the most prevalent, and usually what most people think of when they imagine a cane. That slightly curved right angle handle design is widely considered the most comfortable and the most popular cane style. The ergonomic design offers maximum hand comfort while wider popularity means more styles and designs to choose from.

Base Design
In addition to a wide variety of handle designs, canes can also come with a range of bases all designed to provide varying levels of support, stability, and mobility assistance depending on your unique needs and preferences. In addition to the standard rubber tip, canes are also available with a number of specialized bases including the pivot tip, tripod, and quad base.

  • Standard cane tips are the gold standard for cane mobility. Usually made with rubber, these cane tips are designed to promote stability and reduce slipping, while the versatile design enables easy mobility on any terrain. These canes also have the added benefit of being compact, sleek, and easy to maneuver.
  • Pivot cane tips offer a slight remix of the traditional cane tip, featuring a circular indentation near the bottom of the tip, allowing the cane to pivot forward and backward as you walk without losing traction. This unique design offers greater stability while offering the same sleek and compact design and versatile mobility.
  • Tripod cane bases are bulkier than the traditional cane tip but feature a tripod design that expands on the pivot tip design to offer maximum stability for patients who are somewhat more unsteady or are looking for a cane that can stand upright independently. These bases offer the best of both worlds between the standard and the quad cane base, providing greater stability and a cane that can stand upright without being too difficult to maneuver with.
  • Quad cane bases are typically designed to offer the greatest possible stability. Either for users who require a higher weight capacity or those who rely very heavily on their cane for mobility assistance, the quad base is the best solution for maximum support. The negative of this type of cane, however, is that they can be cumbersome to maneuver with if you are a more mobile person, and are difficult to use moving up and down stairs.

In addition to these different designs, a wide range of cane tips are also available separately from your cane, offering different functions, like glow-in-the-dark tips for nighttime mobility or spiked tips to eliminate slipping in snow and ice.

Weight Capacity
Depending on how much you weigh and how much of your weight you rely on your cane to support, different weight capacities may be preferable for you. You should always choose a cane with a weight capacity no lower than your current weight, however, if your current weight is close to the maximum capacity of your cane and you have a tendency to fluctuate or to rely heavily on your cane for weight support, then you may need to consider selecting a cane with a higher weight capacity.

Height & Adjustment
In order to make sure you’re properly supported, make sure you choose a cane that’s appropriately sized for you. If the cane user is still in the process of growing, or has a tendency to wear shoes that affect their height, and adjustable height cane may be preferable. This is also a great choice if you’re selecting a cane that you’ll only be using temporarily, allowing other users to more easily reap the benefits when you no longer need it.

Travel & Portability
A cane shouldn’t stop you from going and doing anything and everything that you want to accomplish in life especially including travel. Because of this, if you’re someone who travels frequently it’s important to take into consideration how your cane will fit into cars, planes, and trains, as well as how easy it will be to carry along with you as you travel. Folding canes offer a convenient solution for people who switch between different mobility devices, or travel frequently on planes or buses in which they need to stow their cane away.

For more help and ideas of which cane you might like to choose, take a look at our article on Caregiver University about how to choose a cane and how to make sure you’re using your cane correctly.

Category FAQs

How do know what size I need?
Correct cane height is immensely important to ensure that you’re optimally supported and that cane use doesn’t cause any pain or injuries. In order to determine the right size for your cane, another person should measure the distance from your wrist to the floor. Measurements should be obtained while the potential user is wearing their basic walking shoes, and standing upright, with relaxed arms. If you can’t get another person to measure for you, you can take an estimate by dividing your height in half and then subtracting one inch.

How do I know if I’m using my cane correctly?
When using a cane correctly, your arm should be at a 20-degree angle, held on the unaffected side so that the opposite lower limb is supported. The cane should be moved in sync with the injured or affected limb. If using your cane correctly, you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort in the arm or shoulder.

How do I know if it’s time for a cane?
When deciding if it’s time for a cane or not, there are several questions you should keep in mind:

  • Is falling and injuring one’s self while simply walking a concern?
  • Is ascending or descending stairs difficult?
  • Is moving with balance and stability an issue?
  • Does one have to grasp onto nearby furniture or countertops to walk without falling?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it may be time to begin the search for a cane.


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