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Adult Changing Table

An adult changing table provides safer transfers, comfortable positioning, and a secure space for caregivers to aid weakened or disabled adults who may need assistance with incontinence problems or getting dressed. Offering a great solution for assisting disabled individuals in the daily living task of changing clothes and adult diapers, an adult changing table also helps to reduce the possibility of back strain and other injury to the caregiver. 

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Armedica Hi-Lo Changing Table with Side Rails

Starting at: $2,072.85

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  • Ideal for facilities accommodating adults or children with special needs.
  • Permablok 3 coating decreases germ count and ensures table durability through many uses.
Armedica Manufacturing

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Top Seller #2
Rifton Hygiene Support Station

Starting at: $3,270.00

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  • Full One Year Warranty through manufacturer
  • Increased safety for individuals and their caregivers

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Top Seller #3
Infinity Adjustable Mobile Changing Table

Starting at: $2,205.90

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  • Thick padding on changing surface and side panels for patient comfort
  • Drop-down side panels to keep patients securely on table without obstructing transfers
Populas Furniture

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Linido Wall Mounted Shower Stretcher Table

Starting at: $951.03

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  • Comfortable, supportive design allows prone showering with easy caregiver access
  • Compact, foldable design allows unobstructed access to the shower when not in use

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Smirthwaite Wall-Mounted Shower-Safe Changing Table

Starting at: $994.95

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  • Mounts to the wall at a comfortable working height to reduce strain on the caregiver
  • Great for showering patients or use as a diaper changing table
Smirthwaite USA

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Hausmann ADA Hi-Lo Power Changing Table

Starting at: $2,363.95

  • Legs can adjust from 20-30 inches
  • Stain resistant vinyl for long lasting use
Hausmann Industries

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Hausmann Crank Hydraulic Changing Table

Starting at: $2,510.95

  • Built in floor levelers
  • Includes leg rest table extension
Hausmann Industries

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Pressalit Care 1000 Changing Table

Starting at: $4,416.83

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  • Easily folds out of the way to save space
  • Motor does not require adjustments or lubrication
Pressalit Care

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Metron Plus Changing Table

Starting at: $3,431.60

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  • Includes an extended warranty
  • Equipped with a foam positioning roll
Metron Medical

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Smirthwaite Easi-Lift Wall-Mounted Height-Adjustable Shower Stretcher

Starting at: $3,873.08

  • Height-adjustable to sit at a comfortable working height and functional transitionary height
  • Mounts discretely to the wall with a flip-up stretcher to remain out of the way when not in use

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Pressalit Versamax Manual Fold Changing Table

Starting at: $8,360.87

VersaMax Public Restroom Adult Changing Table manual fold.
Adjustable height, folding, wall-mounted changing ...

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Sirocco Wall-Mounted Bath Stretcher and Changing Table

Starting at: $8,993.49

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  • Sidebar has lock for additional patient security
  • Reduces strain and possible injuries to caregivers

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Pressalit Care 2000 Adult Changing Table

Starting at: $9,758.00

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  • Adjusts with whisper-quiet operation
  • Hand-held remote controls the table height
Pressalit Care

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Replacement Parts for Armedica Hi/Lo Changing Tables

Starting at: $23.08

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  • Provides easy replacement for your changing table.
  • Enables convenient switching for prolonged use.
Armedica Manufacturing

4.7 of 5 star customer rating

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Side Fence Rails for Linido Shower Stretcher

Starting at: $327.45

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  • Provides patient safety
  • Comes with needed hardware

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Replacement Parts for the Smirthwaite Hi-Riser Changing Bench

Starting at: $110.54

  • Provides easy replacement for long-lasting use.
  • Allows you keep your table functional for years of use.

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What is an Adult Changing Table?

An adult changing table is typically constructed as a durable platform that can be raised or lowered to more easily transfer a patient who needs clothing, undergarments or diapers changed. They provide a more secured space for these daily living tasks to be performed for both the patient and the caregiver. They enable safer transfers and more comfortable positioning for the patient, while they also help reduce the risks of back strain and injury for the caregiver. Just like a changing table used for babies, adult changing tables often highlight various features to keep the adult being changed safe and secured within the confines of the table.  About 72 % of the geriatric population (individuals who are 80 years of age or older) experiences some level of disability along with about 18% of the general adult population, many individuals and their caregivers find that they could use much more help in dealing successfully with daily living activities.

Adult changing tables eliminate the often unsafe practice of having a weakened or disabled patient tentatively hold onto something as the caregiver changes their clothing, or the uncomfortable practice for both the caregiver and patient of having the patient roll back and forth in bed while being changed. These special needs changing tables allow the caregiver more focused attention on the patient and help reduce anxiety for the patient regarding the personal and private practice of changing clothing.

How to Choose the Best Adult Changing Table for Your Needs

Choosing the best adult changing table for your specific situation is key to achieving the ultimate in safety and comfort for both users, the patient and the caregiver. Considerations start with tables that would be better suited for one patient in their own home or tables that are used in hospitals, long-term care facilities, rest stops or any other public place where an individual might need to change soiled undergarments, or change clothing. Changing tables can often be used for a variety of situations and additional applications as well.

Once you determine where you would like to place the adult changing table, you must make sure that the table you choose will work well within your particular environment. It must be sized right to fit through doors, and of specific design to safely accommodate the patient’s weight. If the table will also be used to transport the patient from room to room, or used as a backup mobility stretcher in an emergency, it should include large, hospital-grade caster wheels and safety side rails.
Some changing table models feature an electric motor or manual crank that allow the caregiver to lower or raise the table to wheelchair height or the appropriate height needed for secure transfer and ergonomic care duties. The adult changing table you choose should ensure privacy, comfort and safety for the patient, while it enhances patient accessibility and reduces repetitive lifting and reaching for the caregiver.

An adult changing table should have a wide base, offering a low center of gravity that will resist tipping and provide the highest standard of stability. While caster wheels provide greater mobility for a transportable table, make sure that these casters also feature wheel locks that will help to keep the changing table firmly in place. Other design highlights you may find helpful include antimicrobial upholstery to reduce infection risks, footswitch controls for hands-free operation, fold-away capabilities for smaller rooms, waterproof/corrosion-proof construction for durable usage in showers, and designs that allow room for hoists and other lifting devices to be placed underneath them.

Adult changing tables also come in designs that allow the table to be permanently mounted to the wall. When properly installed, these tables often become ADA-compliant, meeting or exceeding specific governmental safety guidelines for changing disabled adults.

Rehabmart is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of innovative adult changing tables from superior quality manufacturers that include Armedica Manufacturing, Ad As, Linido, Hausmann Industries and Flag House.

Rehabmart also offers Pediatric Changing Tables.

Hulet Smith, OT
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