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Aisle Chair

An aisle chair, also referred to as an aisle transfer chair, is a common assistive device utilized to help individuals with mobility limitations to more easily board airplanes. Since most aircraft have small aisles, it can be difficult to impossible for wheelchair-bound individuals to maneuver safely into a seat. Aisle chairs are narrower wheelchairs which highlight multiple straps to completely secure the user, and can be rolled down narrow airplane aisles to get the individual to his or her seat with ease.

Rehabmart is proud to offer superior quality aisle transfer chairs manufactured by Columbia Medical.

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AisleMaster Aisle Transfer Chair

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  • Automatic wheel lock handle for safety
  • Heavy duty frame stands up to frequent use
Inspired by Drive

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Airplane Aisle Converting Dual Wheelchair by Karman Healthcare

Starting at: $1,989.00

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  • Made with a snap-in safety belt
  • Swivel and height adjustable footplates
Karman Healthcare

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Replacement Parts for the AisleMaster Aisle Transfer Chairs

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  • Range of accessories and replacement parts enable easy customization.
  • Ideal for easy replacement of broken or worn-out components.
Drive Medical

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Aisle Chair Features
While designs can differ, most aisle transfer chairs are very lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable, with abilities to stand up to repeated, heavy-duty use for multiple users. Most aisle chairs also offer folding capabilities, making them simple to store away in a vehicle, or an overhead storage space of a plane. Since these transfer chairs are so compact they can also be used in other tight spaces, for travel on trains or buses or for emergency and rescue applications.

Aisle chairs typically provide mid-wheel turning for easier maneuverability in close spaces, and often feature 'deadman' brakes and locking caster wheels for enhanced security and safety. Safety belts keep the user securely in place, preventing slippage. Depending on the model, these transfer chairs can accommodate user weights from 300 to 400 pounds. Choices include a wide-wheel track for most commercial jets, and an extra-narrow wheel track for smaller or regional airplanes.

These specially designed aisle transport chairs should always meet Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) fire prevention requirements, or they will not be allowed on the plane.

Some Tips for Traveling with an Aisle Chair
It is important to remember that in accordance with FAA safety regulations, airlines must allow travelers who are dependent upon assistive devices to carry these items on board. Aisle chairs, and other assistive devices do not count toward the user's carry-on weight limit.

Be sure to call the airline with plenty of notice before the day you are actually traveling so they can be prepared to offer assistance and the specified personnel you may need to help you with boarding. It is very important that trained individuals help you with your transfer from a wheelchair to the aisle chair, and from the aisle chair to your seat in the airplane, and vice versa.

If your wheelchair is too big to be stowed in the passenger area of the plane, the airline will be responsible for making sure your chair is returned to you in its original condition if it needs to be disassembled for the flight. If your wheelchair is electric, be aware of regulations for spillable and non-spillable batteries, as spillable batteries are considered a hazard and generally need to be removed during the flight.

For more information about your rights and responsibilities while traveling by plane, please see the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) Nondiscrimination On the Basis of Disability in Air Travel, 14 CFR, Part 382: Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel

Written by Hulet Smith, OT


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