Glassless Mirrors: Safety Mirrors for Gyms, Therapy Clinics and Dance Studios

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Glassless Mirrors

Glassless mirrors are a new mirror technology offering shatter-proof, lightweight, super reflective non-glass construction of reflective metalized optical film tightly stretched across an aluminum frame that offers sharper, brighter reflections than standard glass mirrors. They are utilized in dance studios, gyms, night clubs, for physical therapy, for theatrical lighting, and in hospitals.

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Glassless Mirrors

Starting at: $200.03

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  • Foam back absorbs sound
  • Easy to clean with soft cloth

3.9 of 5 star customer rating

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Glassless Tri-Fold Mirrors

Starting at: $341.03

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  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Features fogging-resistance

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Scrim See-Thru Two-Way Mirror

Starting at: $174.36

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  • Provides concealment of objects such as a TV when the backlit object is off
  • Lets light to shine from either direction to change reflective properties

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Glassless Bi-Fold Mirror

Starting at: $230.25

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  • Lightweight design allows the mirrors to be positioned and transported easily
  • Acoustical properties; constructed with foam back and do not reflect sound

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Hardcoat Glassless Mirror

Starting at: $347.32

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  • Shatterproof quality ensures the safety of nearby people
  • Is easily cleaned regularly with standard (non-abrasive) cleaners

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Accessories and Stands for Glassless Mirrors

Starting at: $156.75

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  • High-quality materials ensure longevity
  • Casters allow for smooth and easy movement of mirror

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What is a Glassless Mirror?

The concept was originally developed in the early 1960’s by British Aerospace to lighten the payload on aircraft. Since then, the highly reflective metallic optical film has been remade into a lightweight and shatterproof mirror. This new mirror technology offers clearer and brighter high-definition images than glass, acrylic or plastic mirrors. A reflective optical film is vacuum stretched around an aluminum frame to form a mirror, and the raised lip of the frame helps provide a 'dead-air' space between the polyurethane rigid foam core inside the frame and the back of the metalized film.

What Are Some Benefits of Glassless Mirrors?

  • Lightweight: A glassless mirror is a fraction of the weight of a typical glass mirror, whereas a 48 inch by 72 inch glass mirror can weigh approximately 72 pounds, a similar sized glassless mirror will weigh approximately 10 pounds. The significantly lighter weight of glassless mirrors makes them easy to transport and attach to walls.

  • Thermal insulation: The polyurethane foam within the frame has an "R" value of 3.3 to 6.5. Combined with the reflective quality of the optical film and the 'dead air space' between the foam and the film, a glassless mirror panel offers a positive thermal insulator value, unlike the hard, solid glass of regular mirrors.

  • Shatterproof: Since no glass is used in glassless mirrors, there is no breakage of the mirror surface, and no dangerous sharp shards of glass. Also, due to its construction of being lightweight and having a soft surface, a glassless mirror is able to withstand strong vibrations and shocks that might crack or break a more solid glass mirror.

  • Acoustical dampening properties: Due to the structural nature with the foam backing and soft optical film, a glassless mirror will tend to absorb sound. As the sound frequency range grows higher, the glassless mirror panel becomes particularly effective for such events as schools or public gathering places, unlike a hard polished surface of a glass mirror which will not absorb sound, but instead will repel it back.

  • Quick and Easy to Install: Due to the lighter weight of a glassless mirror, installation is quick and easy, taking only minutes to install onto a wall. Glassless panels are pre-drilled for either vertical or horizontal installation and no wall preparations such as supports or wall inserts are required. Glassless mirrors are ideal to utilize as rolling-stand mirrors due to their lightweight and safer transportation properties, and can be easily mounted on rolling or stationary stands. Heavier glass mirrors are more arduous to move and may also break and shatter, resulting in serious safety issues.

  • Mounts on any surface: The lighter and framed glassless mirrors can be easily mounted on just about any surface such as walls, stationary or rolling stands, or suspended from a ceiling with nylon line, wire, or even affixed with Velcro. This is very different from the heavier glass mirrors which will tend to be more difficult to mount, and might produce a safety issue.

  • Optically clear: Glassless mirrors offer a brighter and clearer definition than glass, plastic or acrylic mirror surfaces. Glassless mirrors are also free of any distortion and reflect a perfect mirror image.

  • Less cleaning required: Because the glassless mirror film has very little mass, static electricity attracting dust particles to the mirror surface is almost non-existent. If the room where the mirror is utilized is free of smoke fumes or cooking grease, little cleaning will be required. If a glassless panel should become dirty, using a mild glass cleaner and a soft cloth is recommended.

  • Will not fog in high humidity: Glassless mirrors will not normally fog up in high humidity areas such as saunas, bathrooms and swimming pool rooms.

How and Where Glassless Mirrors are Used?

Because of the many beneficial properties of glassless mirrors such as their lighter weight, brighter and clearer definition, lack of distortion, shatterproof construction, acoustical dampening properties and easy installation, glassless mirrors are utilized in a myriad of applications. Some examples include dressing rooms, stage productions and scenery, merchandising displays, fashion shows, playrooms, lobbies, ceilings, dance studios, commercial gyms, public restrooms, casinos, night clubs, physical therapy, schools, nursing homes, theatrical lighting, and hospitals.

Rehabmart is pleased to offer these adaptive and innovative glassless mirrors from our esteemed vendor, Lite Mirror. 

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