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Phlebotomy supplies such as blood drawing chairs and phlebotomy workstations can offer healthcare providers a safer and more professional way to draw their patients’ blood for lab tests, blood donations, and other phlebotomy procedures. Rehabmart is pleased to offer a wide selection of superior quality phlebotomy supplies from our esteemed vendor, Clinton Industries. 

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Top Seller #1
VeinSight VS400 Near-Infrared Vein Finder

Starting at: $4,000.00

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  • Five color options to suit any skin tone
  • Inverse mode to change image to negative for easier visibility
BLZ Technology

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Top Seller #2
Mobile Phlebotomy Stands & Workstations

Starting at: $389.70

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  • Provides a quick, easy, and economical way to keep frequently used supplies at hand.
  • Easily moves from place-to-place with dual wheel soft-rolling casters.
Clinton Industries

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Top Seller #3
Vacutainer Venous Blood Collection Tubes, Box of 100

Starting at: $230.29

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  • Various volumes available to fit any need
  • Side labels allow for clearly identified samples

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6-Place Fixed Angle Laboratory Centrifuge

Starting at: $387.70

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  • Easy to clean
  • Helps maintain a quiet laboratory setting

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Half Round Stationary Phlebotomy Stand

Starting at: $431.24

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  • 5 legs create stable base
  • Padded top and plastic top models available
Clinton Industries

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Clinton Phlebotomy Carts

Starting at: $506.63

  • Keeps phlebotomy supplies organized and handy
  • Lockable doors are equipped with soft hinges
Clinton Industries

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Grafco Hematocrit Centrifuge

Starting at: $883.95

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  • Holds up to 24 1.2mm capillary tubes
  • Loads at a fixed speed of 12,000 RPM

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Who Uses Phlebotomy Supplies?

Phlebotomists are trained to draw blood from a patients, utilizing phlebotomy supplies to complete their job, as well as other medical professionals such as doctors, medical laboratory technicians, and nurses. Phlebotomy supplies are used to assist trained medical personnel to perform venipuncture per a doctor’s request to obtain a blood sample for analysis and diagnosis, or as part of a treatment for particular blood disorders. These tools help phlebotomists to be more organized, while they also help to provide a more positive experience for both the patient and medical professional.

Why Are Phlebotomy Supplies Important?

Blood analysis is a key of diagnostic testing for medical procedures, or to rule out any possible problematic medical questions. It is important in maintaining good health for patients in surgery centers, hospitals, home health care, hospitals, blood donation centers, and physician’s offices. If a blood analysis detects a possible medical problem, this allows doctors and patients to discuss what type of early medical treatment should be considered with the hope of deterring future medical complications.

Examples of Phlebotomy Supplies

To achieve a reliable and effective blood analysis, proper phlebotomy equipment is required:

Blood drawing tray: Blood drawing trays, or workstations, are a required piece of medical equipment for phlebotomy technicians. The trays are mobile and can be wheeled to any location where blood is being drawn. The blood drawing workstation tray is a phlebotomist’s laboratory setting which allows easy access and organization for the phlebotomist’s blood drawing instruments.

Phlebotomy cart: These carts are easy to handle and move around to any location, allowing the phlebotomy technician to store and transfer an abundant amount of phlebotomy equipment and supplies. These carts usually come with lockable cabinet doors for security of the phlebotomy supplies, and removable plastic storage trays on easy-to-slide tracks to help keep supplies handy and organized when needed. A phlebotomy cart can be kept locked up behind a nurse station and then wheeled to an area where blood drawing is being performed.

Blood drawing chair: Patients can sometimes be frightened with the idea of having blood removed from them or having a needle being stuck in their arm. A blood drawing chair can provide a comfortable and stable seated place for the patient when he or she is giving a blood sample, while also reducing the risk of injury related to using needles when drawing blood samples.

The phlebotomist can use the chair’s hands-free foot lever or pedal to adjust the height of the chair, allowing an easier and safer access to the patient’s vein. This helps reduce the risk of accidental puncture while it also reduces the risk of injury related to repetitive bending in improper postures and positions.

Many blood drawing chairs will have adjustable padded arm rest features that serve three functions:

The first is that phlebotomists will have a stable and easily accessible area to place their alcohol swabs, vials, and other equipment until needed. Second, the patient’s arm will be comfortably supported during preparation for, and during the taking of, the blood sample. Third, if the patient starts to feel faint and slumps over in the chair, the arm rest will help provide support, preventing the patient from falling onto the floor.

A blood chair must also be easy to clean because of blood-borne diseases that might come into contact with different patients. Some chairs may also come with a reclining feature that may assist a patient who becomes dizzy due to giving blood.

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