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Playgrounds and playground equipment enable children of all ages and abilities to have vital opportunities to accelerate social, motor, emotional and cognitive development. Research has demonstrated again and again that children who do not engage in free play in their first six years tend to face a lifetime of limited brain power. “Play is the child's work,” said noted childhood development expert and professor emeritus, Joe Frost, PhD., and all the childhood experts strongly agree. With its numerous benefits to the social, physical, creative and intellectual development of children, play also helps to establish healthier exercise habits that will carry over into their adulthood.

Rehabmart is proud to offer superior quality selections from such respected manufacturers as Future Play, TFH, Jensen Swing Products and SportsPlay Enterprises.

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Top Seller #1
Horizontal Ladder Playground Equipment

Starting at: $591.32

  • Bars allow children to swing and climb for versatile, active fun.
  • Offers an ideal addition to any playground or activity yard.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Top Seller #2
Thomas Play Fort Playground Equipment with Tube Slides

Starting at: $33,512.95

  • Ideal addition for a larger school or institutional playground.
  • Incorporates 17 events to offer a wide range of versatile play.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Top Seller #3
Heavy Duty See Saw Playground Equipment

Starting at: $576.51

  • Constructed with galvanized steel for extensive longevity
  • Polyethylene seats prevent color fading and resist chips, dents, and cracks
SportsPlay Equipment

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Fort Adams Playground Set with 3 Foot High Deck

Starting at: $2,213.46

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  • May be expanded
  • Choose from 3' or 5' deck heights
Future Play

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Fort Columbus Playground Set with 3 Foot High Deck

Starting at: $2,929.90

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  • Available in various color schemes
  • Can be expanded with crawl tubes, hand-over-hand bars, and towers
Future Play

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Climber Challenge Playground Equipment

Starting at: $3,833.45

  • Provides a fun and versatile addition to any playground or gym.
  • Multiple footholds and assistance ropes accommodate a range of needs.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Half Moon Climbers Playground Equipment

Starting at: $727.52

  • Choose from a standard or rung design
  • Made for children ages 5 to 12 years old
SportsPlay Equipment

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Quad Climber Playground Equipment

Starting at: $1,494.67

  • Unique ladder design is fun and engaging for a variety of play.
  • Offers an essential piece of equipment for any playground or yard.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Freestanding Sectional Curved Playground Slide

Starting at: $3,906.34

  • Heavy-duty commercial construction withstands harsh outdoor conditions
  • UV stabilizers keep colors bright, prevent fading
SportsPlay Equipment

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Spring Riders for Playground

Starting at: $850.87

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  • Built in handles for safety
  • Available in several fun shapes
SportsPlay Equipment

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Pediatric Junior Playground Slider

Starting at: $1,949.66

  • Offers an ideal addition to any playground or outdoor facility.
  • Strong steel construction is durable and long-lasting.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Super Dome Playground Equipment

Starting at: $2,720.82

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  • Offers a fun, essential addition to any playground or park.
  • Encourages imagination and fun with the large geodesic dome design.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Triple Horizontal Bar Playground Equipment

Starting at: $495.58

  • Versatile piece of equipment is ideal for a range of play styles.
  • Offers a welcome addition to any playground or outdoor facility.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Tot Town Mushroom Kottage

Starting at: $2,073.79

  • Colorful and unique to engage children's imagination.
  • Provides an excellent medium to help babies learn to socialize.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Tea Cup Merry Go Round

Starting at: $2,663.53

  • Middle spinning disc promotes cooperative play
  • Encourages children to sit down while the ride is in motion
SportsPlay Equipment

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Hercules Climbers Playground Equipment

Starting at: $3,489.84

  • Variety of bars and ladders facilitates a range of play styles.
  • Sturdy frame easily supports children from 5 to 12 years old.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Fort Jefferson Playground Set

Starting at: $12,532.42

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  • Ideal for children ages 2 to 12
  • Available in various color schemes
Future Play

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Parallel Bars Playground Equipment

Starting at: $312.58

  • Essential piece of playground equipment.
  • Adds versatile fun for children of all ages.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Fort Vancouver Playground Set

Starting at: $5,410.40

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  • Features a variety of equipment
  • Ideal for children 5 to 12 years old
Future Play

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Mallory Wheelchair Accessible Playground Fort with Slides

Starting at: $7,226.97

  • Ideal for use in any playground or outdoor play yard.
  • Incorporates five events in one piece for versatile play.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Octo Toss Playground Equipment

Starting at: $1,115.40

  • Offers a fun and exciting addition to any playground or facility.
  • Helps children hone gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Tot Town Sailboat Sandbox

Starting at: $2,924.32

  • Design incorporates primary colors to be fun and engaging.
  • Colorful seats are comfortable and convenient.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Vault Bar Playground Equipment

Starting at: $384.61

  • Offers an excellent solution for exercise and fun.
  • Classic piece of equipment is the perfect addition to any playground.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Crayon-Shaped Teeter Totter Sets

Starting at: $659.31

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  • Ideal for children ages 5-12
  • Steel handles are powder coated
Future Play

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Playground Sand Box Diggers

Starting at: $722.56

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  • Classic design facilitates comfort and fun.
  • Ideal for allowing children to easily play in the sand.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Rocking Spring Riders for Playgrounds

Starting at: $764.02

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  • Perfectly sized for use by children.
  • Rocks easily back and forth for fun and enjoyment.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Teeter Spring Rider Seesaw for Outdoor Recreations

Starting at: $843.00

  • Rocks back and forth as well as pivoting up and down like a normal seesaw.
  • Offers a comfortable and fun way to play and exercise outdoors.
SportsPlay Equipment

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Funball Playground Equipment

Starting at: $913.52

  • Constructed with 8-gauge galvanized pipe and polyethylene rotomolded funnel for dependable durability
  • Available in a standard or ADA-compliant model
SportsPlay Equipment

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S Horizontal Ladder Playground Equipment

Starting at: $1,120.30

  • Children will enjoy swinging from bar to bar
  • Curved S shape adds an extra element of challenge
SportsPlay Equipment

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Climbing Rings Playground Equipment

Starting at: $1,235.94

  • Trapeze design allows children to swing while travelling across
  • Promotes physical activity
SportsPlay Equipment

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How Does Play Affect My Child's Development?
While there are many reasons and benefits to why children need to be able to play, one of the most important is its promotion of cognitive skills. Creativity, discovery, problem-solving, reasoning and dexterity are all important cognitive skills that a child learns very easily from mobile play and playful activities. For example, simply playing on the monkey bars requires motor skills, hand-eye coordination and reasoning skills, important tools that your child will need to learn to function more effectively in everyday situations as they get older.

Playgrounds and engaging in play with others also teaches children how to more properly interact socially. Going down a slide generally means multiple children forming a line and taking turns, which helps to teach a child language/communication, patience and cooperation, important skills they will need for healthy social interactions in school, and whenever they need to work with or alongside others. Make-believe games and pretending are all crucial aspects of a child's playtime, and learning these skills teach children coping mechanisms and social rules, and ways to sort through differing ideas, identities and concepts, figuring out contrasts of what the child likes or doesn't like, leading to a stronger sense of self.

Playground equipment comes in a wide assortment of fun and function for a varied range of applications that include school playgrounds, park playgrounds and backyard playgrounds. From monkey bars that help build and strengthen muscle endurance in the upper body to crawling through tunnels, climbing rope walls, and balancing on see-saws which all help with balance and flexibility development, to running up stairs to go down slides which helps build and strengthen muscle endurance in the lower body, there are playground toys and equipment to suit every unique desire. 

How to Choose the Right Playground Equipment.
Whether you want to choose playground equipment for a school, park or private backyard, there are some important points to consider first:

Site Selection
Make sure your playground site selection is generally level, with good drainage, and that there will not only be plenty of room for the equipment, but also for the children to run and play safely around it. Since children are always going to fall while playing, the playground ground surface should be filled with some kind of soft, natural material as well. There are minimum depths of surfacing required for differing pieces of equipment and these depths must also be maintained at all times after the playground is in use to ensure safety for the young users. This surfacing should also extend a minimum of six feet or more from the external perimeter of all the playground equipment.

Too much sun exposure might make the playground equipment too hot, so some trees, awning or some other kind of provided shade is always a good addition. Check travel patterns to and from the play areas and around where the varying pieces of playground equipment will be placed for tripping hazards like tree roots and remove these kinds of dangerous obstacles with grading or landscaping. Fencing and signs also help to keep a public playground safe and secure, while benches are always appreciated by parents, caregivers, and babysitters.

User Group Determination
Differently-aged children have varying needs and abilities from each other, so determining what age groups will be using the playground helps in determining what kinds of age-appropriate equipment to choose. The equipment should include varying access, deck heights and activities that encourage further development and new skills, but should not be beyond the capabilities of the basic age group you are most trying to accommodate.

Calculating how many users will be generally using the playground at one time, and how frequently it will be used is also important in deciding what equipment to purchase. The ease of access for disabled children should also be a major consideration. Public and commercially owned playground areas now have to comply with the 2010 ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. 

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