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Pulley Exercisers

Pulley exercisers improve range of motion and coordination for those suffering with arthritis, shoulder or arm injuries, or post-surgery stiffness. They can also help with strengthening the arms, shoulders and chest. Pulley exercisers can be mounted over a door, on the floor, or attach to a wall.

Rehabmart is proud to carry a variety of high performance pulley exercisers from esteemed and experienced vendors, which include Hausmann Industries, Bailey Manufacturing Company, Fabrication Enterprises, RangeMaster, Slingprom, Drive Medical, and North Coast.

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Top Seller #1
Norco Over Door Shoulder Pulley

Starting at: $18.01

  • Can be used for exercises while seated, standing, or lying down
  • Includes everything needed to perform range of motion exercises at home
North Coast

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Top Seller #2
Chest Weight Pulley Exercise System

Starting at: $570.72

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  • Offers patients and therapists a reliable solution for versatile ROM rehabilitation.
  • Pulleys provide a free range of motion with constant tension for better exercise.
Fabrication Enterprises

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Top Seller #3
Drive Medical Overdoor Exercise Pulley and Accessories

Starting at: $36.98

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  • Dual handles can be used with both arms
  • Safely increase the range of motion in the shoulder
Drive Medical

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Hausmann Economy Wall Mounted Overhead Pulley

Starting at: $75.00

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  • Wall plate mounts securely to the wall for stability
  • Beneficial after injury or surgery as recovery exercise
Hausmann Industries

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SlingPROM Shoulder System

Starting at: $49.17

  • Use at home or clinics
  • Will help with the repair of rotator cuff(s)

4.6 of 5 star customer rating

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RangeMaster Overhead Shoulder Pulley

Starting at: $28.27

  • Includes guide with easy exercise options
  • Available with wooden or molded rubber handles

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Overdoor Pulley Exerciser

Starting at: $31.33

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  • Available in single or double pulley design
  • Long rope allows for use while standing or sitting
Fabrication Enterprises

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BlueRanger Shoulder Pulley Exerciser

Starting at: $21.77

  • Portable design easily attaches and detaches for use anywhere
  • BlueRanger available in metal door bracket or webbing door strap

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Hausmann Duplex Pulley Exercise Weights

Starting at: $933.95

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  • Nylon pulleys create smooth movement
  • Can be used to exercise the shoulders, elbows, and chest
Hausmann Industries

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Hausmann Triplex Pulley Weights

Starting at: $1,556.95

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  • Nylon pulleys provide smooth movment
  • Contoured foam handles provide a comfortable grip
Hausmann Industries

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EconoRanger Overdoor Shoulder Pulley

Starting at: $23.13

  • Adjustable length fits a range of users and needs
  • Two handles allow for dual use with both shoulders

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Bailey Overhead Wall Pulley System

Starting at: $530.47

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  • Seated or standing accessibility - Making the tool capable of being used from either an active or passive stance increases the range of patients who can benefit from using it
  • Folds compactly - When not being used, this pulley system takes up little space while remaining immediately available should therapy be needed
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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Hausmann Chest Wall Pulley Exercise Equipment Weight System

Starting at: $823.95

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  • Can be used standing or with wheelchair users
  • Disc weights can be added to increase difficulty level
Hausmann Industries

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Pul-Ez Shoulder Pulley

Starting at: $34.12

  • Included guide provides suggested exercises
  • Grip free hold is beneficial for those with limited grip strength

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Fitterfirst Shoulder Roller

Starting at: $28.03

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  • Easily hooks onto a door for convenient placement and usage
  • Can be used to increase range of motion and strength

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Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley

Starting at: $38.07

  • Easily anchors to any door jamb
  • Helps clinician clearly communicate goals and limits

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Overdoor Exercise Pulley Kit for Rehabilitation and Strength Therapy

Starting at: $42.57

  • Helps restore shoulder, arm, and upper torso mobility
  • Includes metal door hanger, plastic hand grips, traction cord, and pulley set
Advanced Orthopaedics

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Body Sport Shoulder and Elbow Kit

Starting at: $43.27

  • Includes shoulder pulley, tube kit with handles, and a door adapter strap
  • Helps regain, maintain, and increase shoulder motion
Milliken Medical

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RangeMaster Shoulder Kit

Starting at: $61.49

  • Improves range of motion
  • Strengthens shoulder muscles

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Lifeline Econo Over-the-Door Overhead Shoulder Pulley, 6 Count

Starting at: $66.61

  • Easy to adjust
  • Strengthen shoulder

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Lifeline Multi-Use Shoulder Pulley Sets, Quantity of 6

Starting at: $87.57

  • Rotating handles
  • Removable handles

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Cable Column Pulley System Exercise Equipment

Starting at: $2,554.44

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  • Enclosed weight stack for safety
  • Pulley carriage adjusts from 14" to 84"
FreeMotion Fitness

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Free-Standing Exercise Pulley

Starting at: $3,318.84

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  • Wipe-clean surfaces for easy sanitation between users
  • Accommodates a variety of exercises for versatile function
Performance Health

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Accessories for Chest Weight Pulley Exercise System

Starting at: $73.48

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  • Iron weights can be stacked for additional resistance and strengthening
  • Rope tips prevent the hand from slipping or losing hold of the triceps rope
Fabrication Enterprises

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What is a Cable Pulley?

A cable pulley is a type of guiding wheel that a woven cable, made of steel or nylon rope, goes around. The pulley wheel has an axle which allows the wheel to spin, and the axle will usually be mounted to a frame that can be attached to a solid object for strength and stability. The wheel may be made of steel or heavy plastic, to prevent premature wear or other damage. To provide a better guiding track for the cable, the pulley wheel is normally grooved or scooped around its perimeter. Common on weight lifting machines are smaller cable pulley systems. Most exercise machines feature only one or two pulleys per cable for a more effective workout.

What is a Pulley Exerciser?

A pulley exerciser is a type of weight training equipment commonly seen in fitness centers and in homes. Some are quite large, but others are built smaller for easy use at home. The exerciser uses one or more cables that run through adjustable pulleys in order to allow for a variety of exercises to be performed. In some pulley exercisers, a metal frame stacks weight plates and the end of the cable is fastened to a metal rod which runs through the center of all the weights. The rod is slotted so a pin can be slipped through the weights, allowing the user to adjust the amount of weight being used. The frame of the pulley exerciser keeps the weights steady to eliminate the possibility of the user losing control of the weights. By adjusting the height of the pulleys, a variety of exercises can be performed that work different parts of the body, including the elbows, arms, shoulders and chest.

What are Range of Motion Exercises?

To help restore and maintain flexibility in the joints, range of motion exercises are specifically designed routines for individuals to use. Exercises of this type are often applied as a means of keeping conditions such as arthritis under control, and as part of rehabilitation after surgery. While most range of motion exercises can be performed without supervision, some are intended to be done under the direction of a helper or physical therapist.

Active range of motion exercises involve the participation of the individual to perform and assess the motion range during each repetition. These exercises are normally used as part of an ongoing maintenance program to strengthen and stabilize the joints. To help restore and maintain flexibility, different range of motion exercises work on each area of the body. Arthritis exercises are ideal for those suffering with stiffness in the wrists, hands and elbows. Other exercises are designed to help individuals recover from surgery; this would include special shoulder exercises for those who have undergone shoulder surgery of any type. Shoulder exercises also help to relax the muscles while making it possible to have a broader range of motion with the arms. Many people with arm and shoulder injuries benefit from pulley exercisers. It can be mounted on a wall or secured to a door, and most utilize weights for adjustable resistance.

With all types of range of motion exercises, it is important to get professional advice before selecting specific routines to perform. A doctor or physical therapist can evaluate the condition of an individual and design a program which will give positive results as well as minimize the chances of causing further damage to the joints. It is not unusual for a professional to supervise the first few sessions to make sure the exercises are done properly. Once a solid concept of how to do each exercise in the sequence and what to look for in the way of joint pain, discomfort, or swelling has been established, the individual can usually do the routine at home. Normally, the regimen is recommended to be done a certain number of times per week instead of traveling to a rehabilitation center for each workout.

Hulet Smith, OT
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