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Shure Step Safe Step Stools

Shure Steps are specifically built footstools for safety when reaching for an out-of-reach object, or to step up into a bus or van. They come with a sandpaper-style top to eliminate soled shoes from slipping, and they have a strong wedge-designed base with non-skid pads to help prevent slipping accidents.

Rehabmart is pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of innovative stepstools from our esteemed vendor, Shure Step.

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Top Seller #1
Shure-Step Senior Step

Starting at: $130.00

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  • Supports up to 500 lbs.
  • Stores safely under seats or straps for easy storage

4.9 of 5 star customer rating

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Top Seller #2
Shure-Step 2-Step Stool

Starting at: $138.44

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  • Non-skid padding on top prevents topside slipping and falls
  • Features a unique 2-step design for a gently raised incline

4.8 of 5 star customer rating

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Top Seller #3
Shure-Step Square Safe-Step Stool

Starting at: $112.03

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  • Weighs only 5 pounds
  • Provides 6 inches of elevation

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Shure-Step II Smooth or Textured Top Step Stool

Starting at: $127.00

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  • Structured to be gentle on the body
  • Built with double walled construction

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Shure-Step Passenger Safe-Step Stool

Starting at: $130.10

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  • Weighs just 10 pounds
  • Elevates users 10 inches high

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Shure-Step Kidz Step Stool

Starting at: $105.60

  • 300-pound weight capacity to stand up to most any application
  • Weighs only 3 pounds so children can easily pick up and move their stool around

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Shure-Step II Aviation Step with Textured Top

Starting at: $126.77

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  • Unique design allows cords and hoses to pass smoothly underneath without causing instability.
  • Textured top provides a stable, non-slip surface that drains liquids away to prevent slipping.

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Shure-Step III Step Stool with Textured Top

Starting at: $178.95

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  • 500 pound weight capacity withstands heavy usage and can accommodate any user.
  • Unique diamond-textured top provides firm grip and secure footing for the user.

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Bus Mechanic Step: Two-Step Step Stool

Starting at: $188.00

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  • Made 24 inches wide
  • Weighs less than 20 pounds

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Shure-Step Large Work Platform

Starting at: $196.00

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  • Large, wide top platform is spacious to allow for better user mobility.
  • Easy-grip top liner is non-slip for more secure footing.

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Accessories and Replacement Components for Shure-Step Products

Starting at: $25.40

  • Fits any Shure-Step model
  • Add safety in snow or ice conditions

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What Makes Shure Step Different?

The difference between a standard stepstool and a Shure Step stepstool is that a Shure Step stepstool is specifically made to be the best and safest step stool on the market. A Shure Step comes with a 500 pound weight capacity load, a wide, non-slip, sandpaper-type surface, and a wedge cut bottom with large rubber pads on the bottom to keep it from sliding on slick or wet floors.

Most stepstools seem to be made as an after-thought. Often they are made with thin plastic or thin metal that can bend and break. A standard step stool will often have weak legs that can also easily break or bend, or offer the opportunity for a senior citizen to catch their foot under the step, leading to a fall. Most times, an individual will use some other unsafe object as a book or a stack of books, a milk crate, a chair, or an upside-down bucket as a stepstool or a step to help enter or exit a bus or van.

What Are Some Other Types of Stepstools?

Folding stepstool – This is the most popular type of stepstool used in the kitchen. The folding aspect of it helps to easier store it away, using up very little space. The problem is that these types of stepstools usually have a low weight-bearing rating between 150 to 225 pounds. Also, if an individual has to step on or above the second rung, or step, of a folding stool and they have to lean forward to reach for something, the instability of this type of stepstool can easily tip over, leading to a fall onto the floor below.

Wooden stepstool – Usually a wooden stepstool is made for a child to use as a seat, or as a step to reach for a book on a shelf. They are light enough for a child to drag around with them, and usually the maximum weight-bearing load would be about 150 pounds or less. Many of the wooden stepstools have thin, weak legs and are not recommended for adults to use.

Metal stepstool – Metal stepstools come in varying shapes, weights and sizes, and seem to be rugged enough to use in most situations, but they often come with drawbacks. While metal stepstools can offer a larger weight-bearing stool, most metal stepstools have legs welded to the base of the stool and these legs often tend to bend or simply break from repeated uses. Also, metal step stools can become dangerous due to them sliding on slick or wet cement or hard-surface floors because the rubber pads that are used on the bottom of the legs quickly wear through, allowing the stool to easily slide out from under the user.

Plastic stepstool – Usually, a plastic stepstool is made out of a single piece of thinly molded construction with thin, weak legs and will not have a non-slip top surface. The load rating is usually very low, and this type of stepstool will often be too flimsy for an adult to safely use.

What Are Some of the Companies That Tested and Used Shure Steps?

Shure Steps are used as steps to board planes, buses and vans, used by mechanics to easily reach into engine compartments, by grocery store workers to help stock shelves, schools for the kids to help boost themselves up to water fountains, elderly-care facilities for assistance to step up onto a van or bus, and many other ways to increase the safety and comfort of employees at work. Some of the companies and organizations that have tested and used Shure Step stools are United Airlines, Chrysler, US Airways, Piggly Wiggly grocery stores, Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Greyhound Bus, and Winn-Dixie grocery stores.

Examples of Shure-Step stepstools:

Shure-Step Senior Step – Often times, an elderly person will have difficulty stepping up onto the high first step of buses or vans. The Senior Step is a great assistive product to these elderly individuals who have trouble climbing into higher transportation vehicles. The black-and-yellow contrasting colors help make it easier to see, and the bottom wedge design and non-skid pads will keep the step from sliding on slick and wet surfaces. The Senior Step is great to help the elderly get into an SUV or even to climb into a high bed, and this Shure-Step also works well in schools to help the small kids to reach the sink to wash their hands, or the water fountain for a drink of water.

Shure-Step 2-Step Stool – A rectangular, double-walled design with a non-skid surface, this lightweight stool has one of the only standing surfaces on the market. When being stood upon, the 2-step stool offers a slight amount of give so it is easier on the legs of the user as well as being extra stable, safe and tough. If extra height is needed, another Shure-Step 2-Step stool can be stacked on top, offering an extra safe six inches of height.

Shure-Step Passenger Safe-Step Stool – Specifically made to help users that need assistance entering or exiting trains, planes, buses, trucks, SUVs or vans. With a full non-skid surface, this lightweight yet tough 500 pound weight-bearing stool can elevate the passenger 10 inches closer to the 18 inch to 24 inch entrance step of public transportation vehicles. The light weight and smaller size of this step makes it easy to secure under a bus seat for storage when not in use.

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