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Surgical Lighting

High-quality surgical lighting is necessary to assist medical personnel during a surgical procedure by effectively illuminating a local area. Whether it is a ceiling mounted, wall mounted, or a personal head-mounted light, it will pinpoint in the direction that is required.

Rehabmart is pleased to carry a variety of surgical lighting products from top quality medical vendors that include DRE Medical and Aven Incorporated.

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Top Seller #1
ProVue Magnifying Lamp

Starting at: $159.34

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  • Ultra-bright 22-watt circular fluorescent bulb for shadow-free illumination
  • 5"- 2.25x (5 diopter) crystal clear glass lens for 360 degree distortion-free viewing
Aven Inc.

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Top Seller #2
ProVue SuperSlim LED Magnifying Lamp

Starting at: $144.34

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  • Modern, sleek design
  • Adjustable spring arm
Aven Inc.

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Top Seller #3
Mighty Vue Magnifying Lamp LED

Starting at: $180.05

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  • Durable safe mar-resistant plastic housing
  • Large 7"￿ x 6"￿ 1.75x (3 diopter) lens
Aven Inc.

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ProVue Touch Magnifying Lamp with LED Illumination

Starting at: $329.97

  • 54 powerful energy saving SMD LEDs
  • Built-in metal grips for quick and easy positioning
Aven Inc.

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ProVue Touch White and UV LED Magnifying Lamp

Starting at: $381.72

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  • Large 7" crystal clear 1.75x (3 diopter) glass lens
  • 54 powerful energy saving SMD LEDs, and 48 SMD UV LEDs rated for over 20,000 hours of use
Aven Inc.

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Eco-Series LED Light by Brewer

Starting at: $472.56

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  • Built on flexible, goose neck arm
  • Includes a detachable power cord
Brewer Company

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DRE Xavier C3 Portable LED Headlight

Starting at: $2,064.20

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  • Pinpoint spot adjustment
  • Quick, 3-hour battery charge time
DRE Medical

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DRE Xavier 3 Cable Free Surgical Headlight

Starting at: $2,078.00

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  • Folds to a compact size for convenient portability
  • Fully adjustable declination angle prevents tilting head fatigue
DRE Medical

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DRE SLS 2500 LED Surgical Light

Starting at: $2,899.00

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  • Dimming knob located on the side of the lighthead for quick and easy adjustments
  • Multipath light ensures that a single damaged LED in one path will not affect operation
DRE Medical

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DRE Vision LED Surgical Light

Starting at: $5,475.50

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  • LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours
  • 4,300 degrees Kelvin color temperature
DRE Medical

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What is Surgical Lighting?

Surgical lights provide illumination in surgical suites and are designed to highlight the surgical site for the best visualization of low contrast, small objects and different depths in body cavities and incisions. Surgical lighting can consist of a single- or multi-light head assembly that is attached to a suspension arm. The lighting fixture can be either mounted at a fixed point on a wall or ceiling or positioned along a ceiling mounted track. There are different types of lamps, which include quartz, tungsten, and/or xenon halogens and light emitting diodes (LEDs). Handles that can be sterilized allow the surgeon to easily adjust the light’s position during a procedure. Many models can accommodate a mounted camera, and some configurations contain a built-in camera. Camera integration into the operating room control system and infrastructure may also be possible.

Surgical lights are designed to operate for an extended period of time without emitting excessive heat. For ceiling mounted lights, one or more transformers can be located either in a remote control box mounted on the wall or above the finished ceiling to convert the incoming line voltage to a lower voltage that is required for most lights. Conventional lamps are usually gas filled incandescent lamps that contain a certain proportion of halogen in an inert gas with a pressure that exceeds 3 atmospheres (atm). Some gas discharge xenon halogen lamps give off light by passing electric current through a gas. LED surgical lights consist of modules, or pods, which are small semiconductors that give off a narrow spectrum of light when they are excited by an electrical circuit.

Why Use LEDs for Surgical Lighting?

LED technology is advancing into new categories of white light applications for energy savings and reduced maintenance. They typically do not require a filter which additionally increases their efficiency. LED surgical lights are generally rated for 25,000 to 40,000 hours and when they “fail”, they gradually fade in brightness instead of going out completely. LED technology may offer added benefits, which include enhanced reduction of shadows that are cast by the surgical team. Some even allow for color adjustments.

What is a Magnifier Lamp?

A magnifier lamp combines two important elements for doing work and for viewing small items. As a lamp, it provides light and it has a large magnifying glass attached which may have adjustable magnification settings. There are many types of magnifier lamps. The simplest are short lamps that stand at the workspace, and usually can be adjusted in height up and down, as well as the magnification level. A floor standing magnifier lamp can be brought down over the workspace while the base stays out of the way. Another type of magnifier lamp attaches to the side of the workspace so the base does not get in the way, and this type can also be moved from place to place. Some lamps attach with screws and others attach with a large clamp. The size of the actual magnifying glass may vary. Many are at least six inches in diameter. Some magnifier lamps use tube lights, some use fluorescent tubes, and some use LED lights. Many lamps come with the option of plugging them into an outlet or using battery power.

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