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Surgical Procedure Packs

Surgical procedure packs are specially designed to contain everything needed to perform specific types of surgical procedures, and are reviewed for clinical accuracy by nurses and practitioners. They are packaged sterile to save time and reduce the costs of operating room set-up. Each pack contains the surgical items and a procedure-specific key sheet.

Rehabmart carries an assortment of procedure packs and associated transport carts from DeRoyal.

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Operating Room Surgical Prep Kits

Starting at: $245.79

These standardized Prep Kits provide convenience and unsurpassed quality for aseptic application in the OR. Here you ...

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TraceCart Surgical Waste Containment Transport System

Starting at: $330.07

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Designed to maintain a sterile field for components and eliminate unsightly waste product bags or boxes, the TraceCart ...

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Cystoscopy TUR Procedure Pack

Starting at: $384.75

Intended for quick and easy access during the set up process for surgical procedures, the Cystoscopy/TUR Procedure Pack ...

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Laparoscopic GYN Procedure Pack

Starting at: $554.94

Designed for quick and easy access during surgical procedures, the Laparoscopic/GYN Procedure Pack features procedure ...

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Knee Arthroscopy Procedure Pack

Starting at: $583.48

Logically developed for ease of access during surgical procedures, the Knee Arthroscopy Procedure Pack features ...

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Vaginal Delivery Procedure Pack

Starting at: $610.55

  • All procedure pack contents are latex-free to minimize allergic reactions
  • Includes everything required for vaginal-birth delivery in one pack

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How do surgical packs save time and reduce costs?

Surgical procedures may be carried out in hospital operating rooms or in specialized outpatient facilities. In all cases, establishing and maintaining a sterile environment is imperative.

The concept of supply standardization is logically applied to many types of organizations such as hospitals and other medical facilities, as a cost-containment and cost-reduction principle. Standardization also saves time, which contributes to cost reduction.

Before any surgical procedure can be conducted, everything required by the surgeon, surgical staff, nurses and other clinicians must be gathered, sterilized, organized and placed appropriately in the OR, within easy reach.

The set configuration of surgical instruments, implements and medical supplies is known for each type of oft-performed surgical procedure. DeRoyal has created surgical procedure packs to provide both cost-effectiveness and quality.

Each one is specially designed and logically developed to include procedure-specific items and key sheets. Nurses and clinical practitioners review the set configurations for clinical accuracy. All components are latex-free to minimize allergic reactions in both patients and clinicians, and are packaged sterile.

What about the transport carts?

DeRoyal has developed different sizes of carts (trademarked TraceCart) that can be used for hauling pre-packaged or custom surgical procedure packs, implants, single-sterile components, and any other suitable item into the OR. This helps reduce OR set-up time, prevent supply shrinkage and obsolescence, and reduce costs.

TraceCarts are available in procedure-specific configurations, and are packed with procedure-specific bundles to ensure that all of the items required for a given procedure are available to meet the surgeon’s needs.

The bright red TraceCart lid may be used in the OR as a tray to transport items within the room, and to maintain a sterile field for surgical implements. After surgical procedures are completed, the cart becomes a puncture-resistant, leak-proof waste cart that provides a secure and convenient method for waste containment. TraceCart can be safely autoclaved or incinerated.

Available in various sizes, TraceCarts were logically developed to meet the needs of ambulatory and outpatient surgeries.

The following surgical procedure packs are available:

Each surgical procedure pack contains everything needed for the procedure in one convenient, sterile package of high quality implements, medical supplies and a procedure-specific key sheet. All components are latex free.

Each product description lists the components included in each type of surgical pack.

Prep Kits
Labor and Delivery
Vaginal Delivery
Lithotomy - Gynecology
Laparoscopic GYN
Cystoscopy TUR
Nose and Throat
Otolaryngology - Ear
General Plastic (for plastic surgery and many standard medical procedures)
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy / Appendectomy
Shoulder Arthroscopy II
Extremity Podiatry
Knee Arthroscopy

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