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TheraTogs are used by physical therapists, occupational therapists and other healthcare practitioners to essentially send their hands home with their clients by having them wear a functional facilitative therapy system.  A TheraTog is a wearable therapy support system that can be worn under the clothing all day long.  TheraTogs were created in 1997 by Beverly “Billi” Cusick, PT, MS, COF.  TheraTogs work for a wide variety of children and adults by applying a comfortable, customizable, patented neoprene-like material to the skin.  The "'Togs" are actually designed to grip the skin while an inner layer of thin foam supports comfort.  A Velcro® sensitive outer layer of material allows for affixation of elastic hook straps which can be adjusted to affect joint and postural alignment.  Rehabmart offers the complete collection of the new TheraTogs Ultra line of GoldTone™ fabric suits designed specifically for neuromotor retraining in the CP child and for adults and children who have suffered brain injury or neurological insult.

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TheraTogs ULTRA Full Body System

Starting at: $534.00

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  • GoldTone's superior strength requires less strapping to achieve proper alignment
  • Repetition therapy improves neuromotor, postural, mobility, and balance issues

4.3 of 5 star customer rating

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Top Seller #2
TheraTogs ULTRA Posture and Torso Alignment System PTA

Starting at: $272.00

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  • Wearable suit is expandable and foam lined for ultimate comfort
  • Light color material keeps TheraTogs inconspicuous under clothes

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Top Seller #3
TheraTogs ULTRA Lower Extremity Orthotic System

Starting at: $439.00

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  • Expandable material creates a custom fit for every user
  • Improves gait, balance, and posture through proper alignment

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TheraTogs ULTRA Wrist and Thumb Positioning Orthotic System

Starting at: $135.62

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  • Increasing sensory input to the skin and underlying muscles and joints to facilitate the functional activation of those muscles.
  • Training the wearer to use more efficient and kinesiologically appropriate muscle recruitment strategies for balance and function.

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TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi Infant System

Starting at: $178.00

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  • Increase sensory awareness and information.
  • Train functioning trunk muscles in shorter state to improve postural alignment and control.

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TogRite Strapping for TheraTogs Systems

Starting at: $101.00

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  • Zero resistance stretch out
  • Made of long lasting elastic

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Who wears TheraTogs?
Many adults and children have been treated by using TheraTogs with the following conditions:  hypotonia, ataxia, in or out-toed gait, cerebral palsy, brain injury, autism spectrum behaviors, postural alignment issues, athetosis, weakness/balance problems, joint laxity, and muscle recruitment problems just to name a few.  TheraTogs are recommended for use by therapists for patients suffering from a range of neurological conditions. The results have been truly amazing: View this TheraTog Video to see actual before and after results.

What are the benefits of TheraTogs?
TheraTogs provide many benefits including but not limited to the following:

1. The suit allows for thousands of movement repetitions in a corrected functional alignment position.
2. Gentle and prolonged muscle stretch in an aligned position to mimic the hands of the therapist all day long.
3. Optimum bone alignment which promotes more normalized bone and joint development.
4. Increases body awareness and support for more controlled extremity movements during gait and while performing activities of daily living.
5. Supports improved posture and balance during standing and walking.

In general, TheraTogs help children to address delayed milestones by supporting postural control, by stabilizing the trunk and hips, and by assisting the somatosensory / proprioceptive systems.  TheraTogs assist the body by promoting development of the trunk core, facilitating improved posture and by strengthening all musculature.  As the patient performs both daily activities and coordinated exercises, more normalized movement patterns are ingrained to become a permanent skill set in the neuromotor control cortex.

TheraTogs Features:
TheraTogs are made from a breathable patented material that has an inner foam layer which contacts the skin and an outer Velcro® - sensitive layer where various elastic straps are applied initially by a physical or occupational therapist.  This outer Velcro® layer can handle repeated application and removal of the tabs.  The TheraTog suit is comfortable enough to be worn under clothing and the specific cuts of the suit allows it to remain on the patient during toileting as well.  The 'Togs are fully customizable with the assistance of a clinician and it's design is simple enough to train an adult to don the suit independently.  Children will of course require assistance for daily application, fit and wear of the 'Togs. The straps come in a large variety of lengths, widths, and levels of stiffness.  TheraTogs are a one of the most useful resources that therapists have to assist them in their practice as they can be uses to address a diverse range of neuromotor, postural, and sensory issues.  TheraTogs are lightweight and washable.  Wearing TheraTogs is like bringing your therapist home with you, to school with your child, and into everyday life wherever that may be.  In the past TheraTogs were manufactured with bright blue fabric color.  The new GoldTone™ is a more subtle golden tan color.  The new GoldTone color allows the 'Togs blend a bit more and they are cooler, too!  

The TheraTogs wearable therapy system is a wonderful asset to any rehabilitation program. They assist people in improving functional alignment and in advancing neuromotor learning control. TheraTogs are considered a Class I medical device and are intended to be issued by and applied under the direct supervision of a licensed healthcare practitioner. All TheraTog applications should be prescribed by a physician or therapist, sized and customized to fit an individual patient, and used directly under a therapist’s instruction to prevent misuse or injury to the wearer.

Read more about TheraTogs on the Rehabmart Library:  Here 

TheraTogs Instructional Patient Video:  Here 

Written by:  Megan Smith, PT

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