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Training Stairs

Used by athletes, runners and individuals recovering from injuries, training stairs are a great tool for
increasing flexibility and improving lower body strength, providing anaerobic conditioning and
strengthening the heart, lungs and muscles. Also known as a stair climber or training staircase, training
stairs offer plyometric motion, working on the same muscles as squats and lunges, and giving your heart
and lungs a more effective workout as you climb to the top. Climbing stairs forces the body to work
against gravity, utilizing muscle stabilizers such as the gluteus medius that often get neglected with other
forms of exercise, such as simple running. Training stairs require balancing on and activating one leg for a
brief moment in time, before the other leg moves to the next step. Because one of the most difficult
movements for those learning to walk again in physical therapy is sloped movement, training stairs and
ramps are one of the most important tools of the rehabilitation protocol. Rehabmart is pleased to offer a
diverse selection of innovative training stairs from respected manufacturers that include Clinton Industries,
Bailey Manufacturing, Hausmann Industries and Armedica Manufacturing.

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Top Seller #1
Bailey Non-Slip Straight Training Stairs with Bus Step

Starting at: $919.40

  • Available in three models - Therapists and their associated clinics can choose one of the three available stair designs, depending on the needs of patients receiving therapy
  • Non-slip treads - Never a worry about patients slipping or falling! Stair users can focus on the task at hand, and progress more quickly as they step without hesitation
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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Top Seller #2
Clinton Classic Series One-Sided Staircase

Starting at: $903.15

  • Available in 2 widths
  • Ideal for limited space
Clinton Industries

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Top Seller #3
Dynamic Physical Therapy Stair Trainer

Starting at: $13,740.72

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  • Promotes the full rehabilitation potential of the patient.
  • Push button stair height selection improves productivity.
Clarke Healthcare

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Clinton Classic Series Small Therapy Staircase

Starting at: $832.74

  • Made with a solid hardwood/plywood base for strength and durability.
  • Handrail and handle support system are moulded for ergonomic grip.
Clinton Industries

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Clinton Ramp and Curb Training Set

Starting at: $990.56

  • Individually configurable to meet each user's training needs.
  • Ideal for training users to be prepared for obstacles while walking.
Clinton Industries

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Clinton Training Stairs

Starting at: $1,045.60

  • Holds up to 450 lbs.
  • Available in 2 different widths
Clinton Industries

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Bailey Convertible Exercise and Training Stairs

Starting at: $1,879.28

  • Two interlocking sections - Easily switch from "straight" stairs to a 90-degree angle staircase, presenting clients with different configurations they will encounter in real life, while encouraging movements such as pivoting and equal body weight distribution.
  • Available in three widths - Along with its 500 pound weight capacity, this feature accommodates larger users comfortably and safely
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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Classic Series Convertible Staircases

Starting at: $2,136.95

  • Holds a 500 lb. load capacity
  • Handrails are made with solid hardwood
Clinton Industries

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Bailey Wheelchair Training Stools

Starting at: $491.97

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  • Five interchangeable steps of varying heights - Design a skill-building routine that matches a client's or student's current ability, and change it over time
  • 300-pound weight capacity - This set of steps can accommodate a wide range of children, teens, and adults
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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Clinton Staircase Storage Island Training Stairs

Starting at: $1,483.59

  • Hold a 500 lb. load capacity
  • Ideal for areas with limited space
Clinton Industries

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Hausmann Convertible Stairs / Training Staircases

Starting at: $2,234.95

  • Designed for easy conversion between straight and corner set-ups.
  • Handrails and uprights are strong and supportive for up to 350 lbs.
Hausmann Industries

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Hausmann ADA Convertible, Space-Saver Staircase

Starting at: $2,138.95

  • Versatile design can be arranged in a straight line or 90 degree angle.
  • Bright yellow landing strip on each stair with black anti-slip tread.
Hausmann Industries

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Hausmann Patented 3-in-1 Training Staircase

Starting at: $2,629.95

  • Unique staircase design enables safe and versatile therapy.
  • Three progressive levels of stairs offer a range of therapeutic use.
Hausmann Industries

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Nestable Therapy Steps

Starting at: $311.42

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  • Designed to provide physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports training
  • Steps nest within each other to conserve space when not in use
Ideal Products

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4-in-1 Climbing and Gait Training Nesting Steps

Starting at: $461.85

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  • Supports up to 200 lbs.
  • Includes 4 climbing steps
Southpaw Enterprises

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Training Stairs with Bus Step by Armedica

Starting at: $1,078.40

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  • Supports up to 450 lbs.
  • Designed with a maple plywood base
Armedica Manufacturing

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Bailey Bariatric Training Stairs

Starting at: $3,563.15

  • 48 inch width - Distance between handrails provides ample space for bariatric patients to access stairs without difficulty.
  • Hardwood and steel construction - Durable materials can withstand daily use and provide reliable support to patients of every body type
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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Bailey Curb and Ramp Training Stairs

Starting at: $993.32

  • Features a natural wood finish
  • Includes 3 curbs with pull handles
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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Hausmann Mini Staircase / Training Stairs

Starting at: $1,000.95

  • Compact design is perfect for smaller therapy spaces.
  • Styling allows a therapist to adapt the stairs to user needs.
Hausmann Industries

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Hausmann Straight Training Staircase

Starting at: $1,226.95

  • Hardwood construction is attractive and strong.
  • Handrails enclose the platform for reliable support.
Hausmann Industries

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Platform and 2-in-1 Climbing Steps

Starting at: $446.28

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  • Supports up to 200 lbs.
  • Made with solid birch for durability
Southpaw Enterprises

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Hausmann Econo Two-Sided Staircase

Starting at: $858.95

  • Ideal for helping to build lower body strength and endurance.
  • Two sizes of steps accommodate versatile therapy usage.
Hausmann Industries

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Platform and Double Steps Pediatric Crawling and Gait Training System

Starting at: $869.45

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  • Supports up to 200 lbs.
  • Allows clients to work on adjusting their tread
Southpaw Enterprises

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Dynatronics Wide Training Rehabilitation Non-Slip Stairs

Starting at: $872.09

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  • 600 lbs weight capacity - Patients both small and large can make use of this rehabilitation tool with confidence due to its impressive weight-bearing ability
  • Solid oak handrail, anti-slip treads - Stabilizers guarantee there's very little chance of patients slipping, falling, or feeling unsteady as they walk

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Hausmann ADA Mini Training Staircase

Starting at: $1,268.84

  • Designed to assist individuals to learn how to negotiate stairs, steps, and slopes
  • Can be used in a room with an 8-foot ceiling
Hausmann Industries

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Hausmann ADA Straight Training Staircase

Starting at: $1,459.28

  • Handrails and uprights ensure maximum stability and support.
  • Designed specifically for a comfortable grip and easy usability.
Hausmann Industries

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Hausmann Bariatric ADA Two-Sided Staircase

Starting at: $2,195.95

  • Ideal for a variety of rehabilitative and therapeutic uses.
  • Plywood construction is reinforced and durable for longevity.
Hausmann Industries

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Bailey 815 ADA Convertible Training Stairs

Starting at: $2,885.00

  • Two different configurations - Thanks to the modifiable design, therapists can alternate the stair configuration between a straight line and an angled position to increase therapeutic benefit and provide a broader range of exercise possibilities.
  • 500-pound weight capacity - Appropriate and safe for patients ranging from young children to bariatric adults.
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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Dynatronics Convertible Training Stairs, Large

Starting at: $3,546.27

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  • Interlocking sections - Provide safety and flexibility during therapy thanks to an interlocking design, which prevents stairs from shifting or coming apart while in use
  • Three handrail heights - This feature makes the training stairs usable by children, teens, and adults
Easy Walking

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Accessory or Replacement Options for Dynamic Stair Trainer

Starting at: $2,771.10

  • Adjusts easily between a ramp and stairs for easy functionality.
  • Ideal for a variety of therapeutic and treatment applications.
Clarke Healthcare

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How do Training Stairs Help Athletes and Runners?
Steeper than most hills, most training staircases highlight an approximate 65% grade, which is why climbing
them makes an individual breathe faster to take in more oxygen and why this activity accelerates the heart
rate so quickly. Incorporating training stairs into your workout improves the maximum amount of oxygen
you are able to utilize during intense exercise and activity, teaching your body to more effectively use that
oxygen and quickly convert it to energy. The plyometric motion inherent in stair climbing increases strength
and stamina, while the constant balancing and shifting from one leg to the other strengthens the entire lower
body, reducing the risk of injury to these body areas in sports and running. Agility, coordination, speed and
cardiovascular health are all greatly improved through the regular use of training stairs.

How do Training Stairs Help After Injury, Illness or Surgery?
Whether an individual is attempting to recover from a temporary or long-term disability, climbing stairs or
walking up and down sloped surfaces is one of the biggest challenges in rehabilitation. Requiring the use of
very different muscles than regular walking, the ability to navigate stairs needs some very specialized
muscle training for those who are regaining mobility in their legs for a variety of reasons. Specially designed
training stairs are the best tool for this retraining, and while they are most often utilized in physical therapy
and rehabilitation facilities, they can also be used by individuals at home. Numerous physical health
conditions can be greatly improved with stair training exercises.

It is important to know basic stair climbing safety to avoid further injury or falls, especially when you are
attempting the climb with an injured leg. A great reminder for anyone with an injured leg is "up with the
good, down with the bad". This simply means that when an individual is ascending the stairs, the
unaffected leg ("the good") should be advanced first, placing it on the step above, followed by the injured
leg to the same step. When an individual is descending the stairs, the injured leg ("the bad") should be
advanced first, placing it on the step below, followed by the unaffected leg. If there is no rail to use for
support, then it is vitally important to know and understand the proper use of an assistive device, such as a
cane. When ascending, the cane should be placed on the upper step at the same time as the injured leg.
When descending, the cane should be placed on the lower step at the same time as the unaffected leg.

How do I Choose the Right Training Stairs?
Training stairs come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and configurations. The type of training staircase
you choose will depend upon whether you are making your selection for a professional or home setting,
how much space is available and your budget. For professional physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities
and practices, what types of patients and injuries you see the most will determine what type of training
stairs are the most beneficial for your unique clientele. Single-sided stairs, adjustable stairs, space saver
stairs, stairs that allow users to climb up one side and then down the other without turning, and specialized
equipment that offer both stairs and sloped ramps are just a few of the choices available. Other options
include bariatric models that can accommodate up to 750 pounds, and convertible stairs where two
sections securely lock together to convert from a straight line design to a right angle configuration.

A good training staircase should help an individual to realize independence on using stairs anywhere more
quickly, achieving the mobility they need to enable them to return to their normal, daily life. Training stairs
should help individuals to experience a sense of accomplishment, helping them to move past the usual
fears, pains and frustrations associated with trying to learn how to negotiate regular staircases, steps and
slopes. Using training stairs in the recovery process after injury, surgery or illness is a safe and secure
method for helping patients realize their full ambulatory potential.

Hulet Smith, OT
Rehabmart Co-Founder & CEO



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