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Exercise equipment can encompass a range of machines, tools, and other devices like treadmills, stationary bicycles, weights, and more. Regardless these devices are all designed to help people improve and maintain their physical health. Whether you're looking for home gym equipment or tools for your physical therapy practice, we have the best range of tools for sale to accommodate users of all ability levels, ranging from professional athletes through those recovering from injury or illness. Need help choosing? Check out our Home Gym Equipment Buying Guide!

Exercise Gear
Exercise Gear
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Yoga Equipment
Yoga Equipment
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Weight Plates
Weight Plates
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Exercise Mats
Exercise Mats
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Medicine Balls
Medicine Balls
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Therapy Balls
Therapy Balls
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Weight Wagons
Weight Wagons
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Body-Solid is our largest supplier of exercise equipment and offers a vast catalog. You can check out the best of their selection at the following links:

Gym Furniture & Storage:

  • Glassless Mirrors - Perfect for dance studios, fitness centers, weight rooms, and any other active area. These mirrors are designed to provide an alternative to traditional mirrors, by featuring a shatterproof construction that eliminates the risk of broken glass. 
  • Exercise Equipment Carts and Racks - These versatile storage tools are the best way to keep a variety of fitness supplies organized, accessible, and off the floor. Many also include wheels to enable easy transport within larger facilities.
  • Resistance Band Rack - Designed to enable the easy organization of resistance bands, these storage racks are perfect for any gym, home, or therapy facility, keeping all your supplies off the floor yet still easy to access.
  • Therapy Ball Racks - Ideal for aerobics studios, fitness centers, and therapy clinics, these racks keep therapy balls stowed away for easy access when you need them, but attractively organized when you don't.
  • Weight Racks - For advanced weightlifters and newbies alike, weight racks are the perfect way to keep weights and bars easily organized for easy access when you need them, while also keeping them out of the way and off the floor.

Therapy & Rehabilitation:

  • Exercise Therapy - These tools are designed to be used in physical and occupational therapy to help people regain strength and mobility after an injury or illness, and are also a great way to allow people who are less strong and dexterous to work out safely.
  • Rebounders - Designed to provide a low-impact surface for effective cardio workouts, rebounders are basically mini-trampolines that can be used both to jog and bounce on or to throw medicine balls against.
  • Hand Exercisers & Therapy Putty - For patients who have lessened hand strength, flexibility, and dexterity, hand exercisers are designed to help them regain these skills. Therapy putty accomplishes the same task, by allowing users to stretch and manipulate it to build hand strength.
  • Work Hardening - Certain jobs may require that someone engage in work hardening training in order for them to be able to complete their jobs effectively and safely. These tools are great for work hardening either in a testing or a rehabilitative function.
  • Pulley Exercisers - Designed to provide an effective upper body workout, pulley exercisers help promote strength, flexibility, and range of motion for people who may have suffered shoulder, arm, or upper body injuries.
  • Pediatric Exercise Therapy - For children living with disabilities or those who have been injured or ill, therapy equipment is specially constructed to help them improve their strength, balance, flexibility, and dexterity through physical and occupational therapy.

Accessible Exercise:

  • Wheelchair Treadmills - For people who use a wheelchair, traditional exercise equipment isn't functional. However, wheelchair treadmills are a great way for wheelchair users to get an effective cardio workout and build strength in their back, arms, chest, and abdomen.
  • Adult Tricycles - For adults looking to get outdoors and enjoy some free time while getting fit, tricycles are a great way to get exercise, spend time outside, and enjoy fun with friends or family without it being too strenuous on the body.
  • Handcycles - Designed to support people who either can't use their lower body well, or have decreased strength or dexterity in their lower body, handcycles are great for both fitness and fun! These cycles are pedaled with the hands to enable easy use.
  • Special Needs Tricycles - Ideal for children with special needs, these tricycles help kids engage with family, enjoy the outdoors, and stay healthy and fit all at the same time. Designed with special kids in mind, these cycles are perfect for a wide range of needs.
  • Bicycle & Tricycle Accessories - In addition to the cycle itself, you may also be interested in a variety of seats, bottle holders, and both cosmetic and adaptive accessories. These help you fully customize your bike or trike to your exact needs and tastes.

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