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An ostomy is a life-saving surgery that diverts waste for external collection, creating a new exit route through the abdomen. People living with ostomies either long-term or short-term require a variety of supplies, bags, belts, and other products to help make their lives easier and make them feel more comfortable with this new change to their bodies.

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An ostomy is designed to divert bodily waste through a surgically-created stoma on the abdomen into a pouch or ostomy bag on the outside of the body. Ostomies can be temporary or permanent and can be used to divert either urine or stool depending on the reason for the surgery.

Colostomy - This type of ostomy occurs when the affected area of the body is the large intestine. A portion of the colon or rectum is removed and the remaining colon is brought up against the abdominal wall to form the stoma.

Ileostomy - Defined by the surgical creation of an opening in the small intestine, bringing one end to meet the abdominal wall and form a stoma. These procedures may be temporary or permanent and can involve the removal of some or all of the colon.

Urostomy - This type of ostomy is the general term for the surgical diversion of urine away from the bladder. Ileal and Cecal Conduit are the two most common type of urostomies performed, named based on their location on the body.

Today’s ostomy procedures have advanced far beyond those of old with an array of products that help people living with ostomies to lead normal, fulfilling lives without anyone ever having to know that their body is different.

How to choose an Ostomy System

One-piece vs Two-piece bag systems
Ostomy bags typically come in either one-piece or two-piece designs which are each preferable for certain users, offering specific pros and cons. Both pouching system types include a skin barrier and pouch, but the pouch is where the two system types differ.

One-piece systems include a skin barrier that is permanently attached to the pouch, making the whole system one single piece. Conversely, two-piece systems feature a skin barrier and pouch that are two separate pieces with a flange, or plastic ring, connecting the two components.

The main differences between these two styles are that the one-piece system lies flatter against the skin and they are quicker and easier to change, functioning as an easy ‘peel and stick option.’ Two-piece systems offer the added freedom of allowing users to change between different pouches or types of pouches for different activities without having to remove the skin barrier. These systems also make it quicker and easier to change pouches on the go without having to reposition the skin barrier.

Drainable vs Closed Pouches
Ostomy pouches themselves, whether you choose a one-piece or two-piece system, are made to be either closed or drainable. Drainable pouches include a built-in closure mechanism that allows the pouch to be easily emptied throughout the day. These pouches are better for users who have frequent output throughout the day. Closed pouches, on the other hand, can be simply removed and disposed of with no draining needed. These pouches are better if you have less frequent output and you find you only need to empty once or twice a day.

Additionally, pouches come in filtered, clear, and beige styles depending on your needs and preferences. Filtered pouches are ideal for combating the effects of gas,while clear vs beige pouches are ideal for users who either specifically do or do not want to see the contents of their ostomy pouch.

Skin Barriers
Skin barriers are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes that accommodate a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. If your stoma is round and the size is no longer changing, you may prefer a pre-sized skin barrier, while users with an oval-shaped stoma that is still changing in shape would be better off with a cut-to-fit barrier.

Users with stoma output that is more liquid or soft should choose a barrier that is designed to be more resistant to liquid, while those who have more formed stools and/or change their barrier more frequently should choose a barrier with gentle adhesion to help limit skin damage/irritation.

If you have a stoma that protrudes, or have a deep abdominal crease or hernia, choosing a flat skin barrier will help it adhere better to the abnormally shaped surface. If, on the other hand, your stoma is relatively flat, your skin is soft, or you have a slight crease in your skin then convex skin barriers will adhere better.

What is an ostomy bag?
An ostomy bag or pouch is a collection device designed to provide a receptacle for the output of a stoma. Basically, it allows your body to empty waste directly into your collection bag, bypassing certain parts of the digestive or urological system. Bags come in either clear or skin-toned colors and are available in a variety of models to better accommodate user needs.

What type of ostomy bag do I need?
To choose the best ostomy bag for your needs, consider the type and location of your stoma, the frequency with which you need to empty your bag, the consistency of your output, and the sensitivity of your skin.

How do I empty/dispose of my ostomy bag?
Drainable ostomy bags can be easily emptied by unclasping the bottom, unrolling over a toilet, and allowing gravity to do most of the work. If some contents are leftover, encourage them to move towards the bottom by pushing on the outside of the bag like you might on a tube of toothpaste. Clean the opening of the pouch with toilet paper, then fold it back up and clasp or clip it shut. Disposable pouches are even easier, simply unclasp the containment segment, put it in a small bag, and then throw it away.

How do I bathe, shower, or swim with my stoma?
Most pouch systems will be safe to get wet, but to make sure that nothing comes unstuck and accidents don’t happen, waterproof barriers can easily be purchased to enable leak-proof showering, bathing, or swimming.

Also, if your output is low and you have relative control over your bowel movements, you can freely shower without your pouching system on. As long as you keep shampoo and conditioner away from the stoma itself, you can easily shower with no system on at all.

Can I swim while wearing my normal ostomy bag?
Yes! Although, if you feel that your pouching system could be made more waterproof, there are plenty of options available to help make sure you can swim without worry.

Is it difficult to travel with an ostomy?
Not at all! Your ostomy doesn’t have to stop you from doing anything you might have done without one. Just pre-cut some wafers to have on-hand, keep all your ostomy supplies in your carry-on bag, and make sure to empty before going through security. It’s always a good idea to keep twice as many supplies as you think you’ll need when you travel, but as long as you keep your supplies available, there’s no reason you can’t travel by plane, train, or car!


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