Armedica Electric Platform Mounted Parallel Bars

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About The Armedica Electric Platform Mounted Parallel Bars

These bars combine the traditional platform-mounted parallel bar design with a digital display, safety-first microprocessor, and electric height adjustment for a perfect marriage of tradition and technology.

The Armedica Electric Platform Mounted Parallel Bars are a set of parallel bars for the 21st century. The digital display shows exact bar height while memory buttons allow the storage and automatic recall of four unique bar height settings. The platform itself is laminated and slip resistant, while the handrails are constructed from heavy gauge stainless steel for additional stability of the user. The height and width are fully adjustable for a set of parallel bars that can do it all.

The Armedica Electric Platform Mount Parallel Bars have a 3 to 4-week lead time from the manufacturer.
Product Benefits:
  • Four memory storage buttons function like radio presets to save four bar height positions.
  • Power-assisted height adjustment enables customization to each patient with effortless adjustment.
  • Digital display and user-friendly control panel shows exact bar height for more accurate adjustments.
  • Microprocessor control unit safeguards against misalignment of bar adjustments for problem-free function.
  • Laminated, slip-resistant platform provides the stability of parallel bars without needing to fasten to the floor or wall.
Notice: This unique custom fabricated item is made-to-order using a "Just in Time" manufacturing process. This is designed to keep your cost lower, but may require an additional 21 day lead time before your product ships. You can still order this product, however, please be aware of a potential shipping delay. If you require a quicker delivery time frame, please choose an alternate product in our Parallel Bars category.

Product Specifications / Dimensions

  • Height Range: 27” - 53”; adjusts electronically
  • Width Range: 15” - 29”; adjusts manually
  • Platform Dimensions:
  • AMTM-702: 7’ L x 43” W
  • AMTM-700: 10' L x 43" W
  • AMTM-703: 15' L x 43" W
  • Width Between Columns: 29”
  • Weight Capacity on Handrails: 500 lbs.
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More Information

The Armedica Electric Platform Mounted Parallel Bars pair the rehabilitative reliability and versatility of platform mounted parallel bars with the technological advances common in treatment tables, to provide you with a therapy tool that will give you everything you need and more. The platform itself is laminated and slip resistant for maximum user safety, and it is available in a 7 foot (ARM-AMTM-702), 10 foot (ARM-AMTM-700), or 15 foot (ARM-AMTM-703) length. It is also manually adjustable from 15 inches to 29 inches wide in order to be able to accommodate all patient sizes. The bars are constructed from heavy-gauge 1.5” diameter stainless steel, and are mounted on three-section slim line lifting columns in order to provide the utmost lateral stability, even when in the highest bar position. The bars have a weight capacity of 500 lbs.

This set of parallel bars is equipped with a conveniently located digital display that shows the exact bar height for the most accurate height adjustment available. Additionally, four memory buttons, functioning like radio preset buttons, allow the storage and recall of four separate bar height settings. The bar height is electrically adjustable from 27 inches to 53 inches, as a solid state digital control unit ensures synchronous operation of all four bar columns for seamless raising and lowering adjustments. In case of a fault, height monitoring functions enact a safe switch-off, ensuring the bug-free, safe operation of these bars.

Optional accessories can be added for increased therapy versatility: Abduction board, Balance beam, Foot placement ladder. Please see photos below for specifications of these accessories. This set of parallel bars does require some assembly upon arrival, and is protected by the manufacturer’s 18 month warranty


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Armedica Electric Platform Mounted Parallel Bars
Armedica Electric Platform Mounted Parallel Bars
Armedica Electric Platform Mounted Parallel Bars Digital Display Close-up
Armedica Electric Platform Mounted Parallel Bars Digital Display Close-up

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