Bailey Folding Parallel Bars for Children

7 ft. Handrails, Wood or Steel Bases

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About The Bailey Folding Parallel Bars for Children

These sturdy parallel bars fold when not in use, taking up no more than 14 inches of floor space when stored! Available with either a wooden or metal base.

Bailey™s Folding Parallel Bars for Children provide reliable pediatric therapy options with a small-footprint. Don™t be fooled by this unit™s easy breakdown: this set of bars is just as strong and durable as a permanent set!

These pediatric parallel bars can be ordered with either a wooden or steel base. When not in use, the 7-foot handrails fold to take up just 14 inches of floor space, leaving plenty of room for patients and therapists performing other rehabilitative exercises.

The wood and steel base bars are designed with one and two stabilizing bars, respectively, which lock the unit into the open position. To store this unit, simply unlock the stabilizing bar and slide it until the handrails are nearly touching.

Do you work with a variety of children across the age spectrum? These parallel bars are adjustable to accommodate both older and younger children, with up to eight inches of adjustability in both the unit™s height and width.
Product Benefits:
  • Unit folds when not in use - Storage is easy and quick with these bars, which collapse to provide floor space for other therapeutic activities and quickly reopen them when needed
  • Adjustable width and height - Children of every body type can successfully perform gait training using this unit, as it adjusts to accommodate small children all the way up to teens
  • Steel or wood base - Both available materials are sturdy and strong, so customers can choose the material with the look that best suits their space!
Notice: This unique custom fabricated item is made-to-order using a "Just in Time" manufacturing process. This is designed to keep your cost lower, but may require an additional 21 - 28 day lead time before your product ships. You can still order this product, however, please be aware of a potential shipping delay. If you require a quicker delivery time frame, please choose an alternate product in our Parallel Bars category.

Product Specifications / Dimensions

  • Wooden Base Dimensions: 7" x 42" x 1.25"
  • Steel Base Dimensions: 5" x 42" x 0.25"
  • Height Adjustment: 19" to 27"
  • Width Adjustment: 16" to 24"
  • Handrail Diameter: 1"
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Wood Base Folding Parallel Bars for Children
SKU#: BMC-598W-7
Steel Base Folding Parallel Bars for Children
SKU#: BMC-598S-7

More Information

Who needs Bailey™s Folding Parallel Bars for Children?
Any facility or rehabilitative practice utilizing parallel bars for gait training, balance work, or other therapeutic treatment programs will appreciate the stability and convenience of this set of bars.
  • Special Needs programs - School-based therapists and special educators will benefit from possessing a high-quality piece of equipment that allows for hands-on training but doesn™t take up precious classroom space
  • Rehabilitation and Physical Therapists - Clinics treating children in need to gait and balance training can tailor programs for adolescents and teenagers alike

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    Bailey Folding Parallel Bars for Children
    Bailey Folding Parallel Bars for Children
    Folding Parallel Bars for Children with Steel Base
    Folding Parallel Bars for Children with Steel Base
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