Bailey Folding Toddler Parallel Bars

Pediatric Toddler Sized Bars for Children

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Bailey Folding Toddler Parallel Bars
Bailey Folding Toddler Parallel Bars
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About The Bailey Folding Toddler Parallel Bars

With a sturdy steel base, these folding parallel bars assist toddlers in physical therapy and allow them to regain balance, mobility, and strength. The product folds for easy storage when each therapy session is done!

The perfect tool for pediatric therapy, Bailey™s Folding Toddler Parallel Bars adjust to accommodate gait training and other mobility work with a range of clients, from toddlers to adolescents.

When not in use, these durable steel bars are easily folded and stored, and just as easily re-opened when needed. The five-foot handrail offers sufficient space for gait training, while the adjustable height and width accommodate a range of client sizes and therapeutic activities.

For occupational or physical therapists who need a versatile, durable set of bars that don™t take up a lot of space, these folding bars are a perfect choice. Quick setup and adjustability will not interrupt your day, and folding when not in use saves you valuable space!
Product Benefits:
  • Easily stored - Foldable bars can be put away quickly when not in use, saving space
  • Adjustable height and width - Use these bars with small children and adolescents, for gait training, balance and mobility work, and to build strength
  • Steel base - Steel makes these bars stable enough to stand up to heavy use by young patients
Notice: This unique custom fabricated item is made-to-order using a "Just in Time" manufacturing process. This is designed to keep your cost lower, but may require an additional 21 day lead time before your product ships. You can still order this product, however, please be aware of a potential shipping delay. If you require a quicker delivery time frame, please choose an alternate product in our Parallel Bars category.

Product Specifications / Dimensions

  • Length: 5'
  • Steel Base: 5" x 30"
  • Height Range: 15" to 21"
  • Width Range: 13.5" to 22.5"

More Information

Who needs Bailey™s Folding Toddler Parallel Bars?
These strong, adjustable, easily stored parallel bars allow therapists to provide young patients with a range of mobility training while saving space in their clinic or therapy room.

  • Pediatric physical therapists - Offer strength, gait and mobility training for toddlers, children and teens. Adjust the width and height throughout the day as you see different patients.
  • School-based Physical Therapists - With space at a premium in most schools, these foldable bars are the perfect solution for providing quality therapy to children without leaving your equipment behind to take up space.

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