Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Tools are specially designed products that help people improve their strength, dexterity, and mobility, whether they're recovering from an injury or illness, or from chronic health conditions. Ranging from products to help with Hand Therapy to gross motor therapy tools like parallel bars, rehabilitation equipment is perfect for any clinic, hospital, fitness center, or home gym.

In addition to these more physical rehabilitation supplies, therapeutic modalities are often used as supplementary treatment to aid in healing, mobility, and pain relief. 

Parallel Bars
Parallel Bars
From $455.20
Training Stairs
Training Stairs
From $265.00
Nesting Stools
Nesting Stools
From $50.89
Therapy Benches
Therapy Benches
From $175.00
Powder Boards
Powder Boards
From $205.00
Work Hardening
Work Hardening
From $141.70
Exercise Therapy
Exercise Therapy
From $15.57
Pulley Exercisers
Pulley Exercisers
From $18.01
From $17.66
Inversion Tables
Inversion Tables
From $205.40
From $135.62

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Exercise Therapy:

  • Exercise Therapy - Looking for our full selection of awesome exercise equipment like treadmills, weights, and more? Check out exercise therapy for all the tools you could ever need!
  • Hand Therapy Products - Focused on strengthening the hands, fingers, and wrists, hand therapy tools are a great way to keep your hands strong and mobile, plus helping to relieve pain from stiffness and inflammation.
  • Therapy Putty - Utilized in a range of different exercises, therapy putty is the perfect multi-purpose tool for hand therapy, capable of offering greater resistance to nearly any movement.
  • Hand Exercisers - Encompassing a wide range of products, hand exercisers are specially designed tools that help improve the strength, dexterity, and range of motion in the hands, wrists, and fingers.
  • Range of Motion Therapy - Great for keeping you flexible and mobile, range of motion therapy focuses on improving the flexibility and range of motion of various joints and body areas. 
  • Therapy Balls - One of the most versatile tools at the gym, the therapy ball can be used in a range of core, strengthening, and range of motion activities to improve nearly any area of the body. 
  • Rolls and Wedges - Great for positioning the body properly for the perfect stretch or extension, rolls and wedges are awesome for exercise, for therapy, and for any positioning need you may have both active and passive.
  • Exercise Mats - Functioning as the perfect base for therapy or exercise, these mats are either designed to be directly on the floor, or raised for easier access. A variety of paddings, materials, and colors allow you to easily choose the right one for your needs. 

Balance & Vestibular Therapy:

  • Balance Therapy - Designed to provide the perfect tools and systems to help you improve balance, this equipment is equally great for therapy clinics as it is for at-home exercise.
  • Balance Boards - The quintessential balance therapy tool, balance boards are great for both children and adults alike to strengthen the balancing muscles and improve vestibular health.
  • Vestibular - For people suffering from vestibular problems or conditions that affect the vestibular system, these tools allow them to easily improve the balance and strength of the vestibular system.
  • Pediatric Balance - Children require balance therapy and vestibular stimulation just as often if not more so than adults, and this equipment is the perfect addition to any playroom or therapy clinic to ensure they receive safe and effective care.


  • Static Treatment Mats - To provide a stable, comfortable raised base for exercise and physical therapy, treatment mats are just like floor mats, but feature a strong raised base that stands up to even the most strenuous movements.
  • Adjustable Treatment Mats - Even more versatile than the standard static treatment mat, these raised treatment bases provide comfort and support with the added ability to adjust the table's height for even easier access.
  • Treatment Mirrors - Exercise and therapy are often about proper kinesthetics and body positioning. In order to ensure that you or your patient is maintaining proper form through every movement, treatment mirrors provide the perfect way to do this.
  • Taping Tables - Either for athletic or kinesio tape, taping tables offer the perfect surface to support patients and athletes during treatment.
  • Massage Tables - Designed to offer a comfortable and supportive base for massage therapy, these tables provide the perfect shape and feel to keep the body properly positioned and supported through each session.
  • Massage Chairs - For patients who want to or need to remain seated during massage sessions, massage chairs offer the perfect solution, keeping the body perfectly supported and positioned in order to get the most out of each treatment.
  • Glassless Mirrors - Perfect for fitness centers, aerobics studios, and therapy clinics, these mirrors offer all the benefits of allowing you to keep track of your form and movements, while removing the danger of shattering and glass shards.


  • Evaluation Tools - In order to determine a patient's starting point or progress, evaluation tools provide numerical measurements of things like range of motion, strength, and posture. These allow therapists to more easily make an accurate treatment plan and then recommend the proper therapy.
  • Pediatric Assessments - Designed to serve as the pediatric counterpart to adult-sized instruments of assessment, these tools are the perfect way to measure and quantify a patient's starting point and progress so accurate treatment plans can be implemented.
  • Dynamometers/Pinch Gauges - Offering the perfect way for therapists to measure a patient's finger strength, these gauges are the perfect addition to any hand therapy clinic or patient home in order to keep the hands strong and mobile.
  • Manipulation/Dexterity Tests - These tests provide an easy and accurate way to quantify a patient's manual dexterity, or their fine motor skills, usually in the fingers and hands. A wide range of options provides the perfect model for any user's needs.
  • Measuring Devices - Great for measuring a wide range of body ranges, movements, and capabilities, these measuring devices encompass all the best options to help therapists and clinicians to accurately assess each patient's abilities.
  • Range of Motion Instruments - Designed especially to measure a patient's range of motion, these instruments are the perfect way to assess a starting point or progress made by a patient in an array of joints and areas of flexibility.
  • Pediatric Range of Motion - Similar to the adult-sized counterparts, these instruments are specially designed to measure a child's range of motion in various body areas, allowing therapists to easily track progress and assess function.

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