Pediatric & Special Needs Equipment

Pediatric and special needs equipment encompasses a wide variety of tools that are uniquely designed to accommodate and appeal to children of all kinds. A range of seating and positioning supplies are available to keep kids comfortable and supported, while a variety of toys help children learn and improve their sensory and mental development. 

Safety supplies and pediatric-sized braces, splinting, and other medical equipment is also available to provide proper medical care to kids who have been injured or who have specific medical needs and conditions.

Pediatric Standers
Pediatric Standers
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Standing Frames
Standing Frames
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Pediatric Ball Pits
Pediatric Ball Pits
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Weighted Products
Weighted Products
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Adaptive Aids

  • Mounting Devices - Designed to enable easy use and viewing of phones, tablets, and other devices, these mounting tools make access to this equipment convenient by keeping them within easy reach.
  • Pediatric Mouth Sticks and Head Pointers - Perfect for kids who can't use their hands and fingers to indicate, mouth sticks and pointers allow children to easily point and indicate to things with their head or mouth.
  • Pediatric Writing Aids - Designed to adapt traditional pens, pencils, and desks, these writing aids are the perfect way to help children with manual dexterity limitations write more easily and comfortably.
  • Pediatric Assistive Technology - Great for children who may have difficulty interacting with certain devices, assistive technology modifies the equipment and makes it easy for kids to operate and interact with it.
  • Pediatric Assistive Technology Switches - Often used as a convenient way for children with special needs to interact with toys or other equipment, these switches make it easy for kids to engage with devices both in play and in daily life.
  • Switch Interface - Designed to modify these assistive switches, these interfaces offer an easy way to operate different switches and use them together.
  • Switch Adapted Toys - Perfect for children who use adaptive switches, these toys are easily activated or played with via those same switches.
  • Pediatric Timers - Perfect for scheduling, teaching time, or keeping kids on a time-table, these timers can be great for a wide variety of tasks and activities. 
  • Pediatric Scissors - Specially-sized for kids, these scissors make it easy to cut paper, engage in craft time, and be creative both alone and with others.
  • Leisure Activities - Designed specifically to accommodate adults with special needs, these devices are adult-sized, but safe and engaging for those who may have additional limitations.

Seating & Positioning

  • Pediatric Specialty Chairs - Designed to support comfort and posture in a range of environments, these unique chairs are perfect for any setting and any child's needs.
  • Adaptive Chairs - These modified chairs are designed to provide safety, support, and comfort for children with special needs who need more assistance than traditional chairs can provide.
  • Pediatric Seating - Ideal for children in any setting with any range of needs, pediatric seating includes a variety of chairs, cushions, couches, and stools for perfect comfort whether during tasks or play.
  • Pediatric Corner Chairs - Perfect for supporting comfortable seating in corners, especially in classrooms and reading nooks, these corner chairs are great for a wide variety of settings.
  • Pediatric High Low Chairs - Targeted towards special needs children with more complex support needs, these chairs offer exceptional support and comfort, while still keeping kids comfortable and able to be at eye level with their peers. 
  • Pediatric Modular Chairs - Great for classrooms, modular chairs are designed to be easy to adjust, easy to customize, and easy to maintain, making them the perfect addition for a range of needs.
  • Pediatric Sitters - Keeping kids at eye level with their peers, sitters help support the posture and alignment of the body, while allowing children to remain low to the ground to engage in various activities.
  • Pediatric Sitter Accessories - Offering additional adaptation and customization options for pediatric sitters, these accessories make it easy for any child to get the perfect fit and experience out of their furniture.
  • Pediatric Therapeutic Chairs - Ideal for therapy, special needs children, or kids who are recovering from injury or illness, these chairs provide optimal comfort and support while facilitating proper posture and better mobility.
  • Pediatric Tumble Forms Carrie Seating System - The Carrie system is one of the biggest names in the special needs seating industry. Mix and match components in this easily accessible category.
  • Pediatric Tables and Chairs - Great for classrooms, daycares, and home play areas, tables and chairs designed especially for children help provide proper support for all sorts of tasks from tea parties to homework.
  • Pediatric Positioning - Perfect for a range of children's needs, these positioning tools help to ensure that kids are always properly supported in ideal posture and alignment for maximum comfort and health.
  • Pediatric Soft Strapping Materials - These strapping materials are great for a variety of splinting and positioning needs, helping to provide support without compromising on comfort.

Sensory Motor

  • Pediatric Indoor Gym - Providing all the benefits of an outdoor play center or fitness area, an indoor gym doubles as exercise and play while allowing children to remain active indoors. Perfect for areas with harsh weather or children sensitive to sun, this equipment is great in any setting.
  • Pediatric Motor Activity Centers - Perfect for helping kids to develop gross motor skills and promote physical health, these activity centers are great for both exercise and play for children of all ages.
  • Pediatric Tents and Tunnels - Often used in a variety of indoor playtime activities, these tents and tunnels promote creativity and physical health by helping encourage kids to engage with each other and their environments.
  • Adaptive Toys - Designed to provide exceptional play equipment for children with special needs, these toys are accessible for kids who may not be able to engage with traditional toys.
  • Pediatric Fine Motor - Ideal for helping to promote fine motor skills and dexterity, often in the hands and fingers, these devices are perfect for both therapy and play and are equally as great for helping children who are delayed as they are for those in recovery.
  • Pediatric Manipulatives - Perfect for kids working on sensory stimulation and awareness as well as those trying to work on fine motor skills. These toys and devices are the ideal addition to both therapy and playtime alike.
  • Pediatric Massage and Relaxation - For children who have anxiety or a lot of nervous energy, massage and relaxation tools are a great solution for helping these children to calm down and release excess energy. 
  • Pediatric Oral Motor - These products are designed to be used in speech therapy to help promote oral motor strength and dexterity, which aids in eating, drinking, and speech skills both in therapy and development.
  • Pediatric Peg Boards - Great for hand therapy and fine motor development, these pegboards are perfect for both play and therapy, serving dual purposes for children with a range of needs.
  • Pediatric Puzzles - Designed to help engage the mind and promote problem-solving skills, these puzzles are both fun and functional. They facilitate the development of important mental skills, while also helping children engage.
  • Pediatric Sensory Motor Developmental Toys - These toys are perfect for helping children to develop sensory-motor skills. They work great for both therapy and for playtime by doubling as both developmental tools and toys all at once.
  • Pediatric Tactile Stimulation - Great for children who have sensory issues or who are developing tactile skills, these tools and toys are designed to assist in the development of appropriate tactile sensory skills.
  • Swing Seats - Designed to provide more adaptive solutions for children and adults who want to play on swings, these seats offer better support and comfort while still facilitating the fun and vestibular stimulation that a swing provides.
  • Pediatric Mats - Ideal for exercise and floor play, these mats offer comfort and support for children on the floor, helping to make exercises, playtime, or other tasks more enjoyable.
  • Pediatric Mirrors - These mirrors are child-sized and designed to be used for a wide variety of tasks including therapy, exercise, play, and more!
  • Pediatric Scooter Boards - Perfect for motor development and fun exercise, scooter boards help kids stay active and play while also encouraging the development of gross motor skills including strength and dexterity.
  • Pediatric Language and Cognitive Activities - Designed to help kids learn various language and cognitive abilities, these activity centers and devices are the perfect addition to any school, clinic, or residence to help promote proper development and better learning.

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