Therapeutic Modalities

Therapeutic modalities are used by healthcare providers of all types to help improve patient comfort and stimulate healing. Therapeutic ultrasound and TENS units are some of the most common, but newer modalities like shockwave therapy and hyperbaric chambers have come into the spotlight in recent years.

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Hyperbaric Chambers
Hyperbaric Chambers
From $3,845.00
Light Therapy
Light Therapy
From $142.82
Hot and Cold Therapy
Hot and Cold Therapy
From $17.31
TENS Units
TENS Units
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Shockwave Therapy
Shockwave Therapy
From $4,800.00
Cold Laser Therapy
Cold Laser Therapy
From $3,495.00
From $44.56
Lymphedema Pumps
Lymphedema Pumps
From $516.23

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Aquatic Therapy:

  • Aquatic Therapy - Water can be a great vehicle for therapy, helping to reduce strain on the body with it's reduced gravity environment and ability to keep the body warm and limber. Aquatic therapy tools help facilitate rehabilitation and fitness while being safe to use in the water.
  • Pediatric Aquatic Therapy - Just like adult aquatic therapy tools, these same tools can be used for children. Other products are also made specifically to facilitate the unique exercise and therapy needs of children, like developmental challenges.
  • Hydrotherapy - Similar to aquatic therapy, hydrotherapy also uses the power of water to heal. However, hydrotherapy typically utilizes the movement of water rather than simply the water itself to help patients heal and recover.
  • Mobile Whirlpool - For whirlpool therapy and relaxation on the go, the mobile whirlpool is an excellent tool for multi-patient facilities, allowing the tub to easily go to the patient, reducing transfer times and improving convenience.
  • Saunas - The relaxing experience of a sauna can be a great tool for both therapeutic and fitness applications. A wide range of saunas including additional features like chromotherapy lights and built-in speakers are available for both residential and commercial use.

Compression Therapy:

  • Compression Bandages/Elastic Bandages - Compression bandages are a great solution for musculoskeletal injuries like sprains and strains. They may also be used in a variety of other medical applications to alleviate pain and swelling.
  • Compression Garments - To help relieve inflammation while also producing a calming effect, various compression garments are available for both children and adults alike, perfect for applications from athletics to sensory stimulation.
  • Compression Stockings - For people who experience pain and swelling in their lower extremities, compression stockings help alleviate these symptoms by preventing blood from pooling in the feet and ankles.
  • Lymphedema - After serious injury or procedures, lymphatic fluid may get trapped in various areas of the body, causing severe swelling along with pain and discomfort. Lymphedema products are designed to combat this unique form of swelling, stimulating the fluid to move back into the rest of the body and continue circulating.
  • Support Socks - Similar to compression stockings, support socks help to alleviate pain and swelling in the feet and legs. Offering support and compression, these socks are great for people who have to spend long periods on their feet.
  • Swelling Edema - For all the other instances in which swelling and edema occur, these specialized products are designed to combat it, helping to relieve pain and prevent fluid from pooling, also encouraging the fluid to move back into circulation in the rest of the body.

Hot/Cold Therapy:

  • Cooling Vests - Ideal for conditions which are worsened by heat or for activities that can easily cause overheating, cooling vests are a great way to keep people comfortable and safe. Either through cold packs or active water circulation, these vests keep people cool in any environment.
  • Fluidotherapy - Fluidotherapy utilizes a stream of heat which takes on the properties of a fluid to help alleviate pain and stimulate blood flow. Great for conditions like arthritis and decreased joint mobility, this therapy is perfect for a variety of applications which may use traditional heat therapy.
  • Hydrocollator - For medical facilities that utilize hot packs frequently, a hydrocollator is a great tool to help keep these packs hot and always at the ready. Using thermostatically-controlled water, these devices are great for hospitals, therapy clinics, and more!
  • Ice Packs - For cold therapy, ice packs are a great way to have a convenient and easily applicable source of cooling. Either kept in a freezer or utilizing chemical reactions to produce instant cooling, these packs are perfect for healthcare or home environments alike.
  • Infrared Heating Pad - Improving on the design of the traditional heating pad, these infrared heating pads utilize infrared light to penetrate more deeply into the body for more effective healing and pain relief.
  • Paraffin Bath Units and Supplies - An often-used treatment for arthritis pain relief, paraffin baths allow the user to dip an extremity in the hot wax, which then insulates the body part, keeping it warm and improving mobility as it cools.

System Accessories:

  • Electrodes - For a variety of therapeutic modalities, electrodes are used to deliver the treatment from the device to the patient. Whether reusable or disposable, electrodes come in all shapes and sizes for use with a variety of applications.
  • Hyperbaric Accessories - For hyperbaric chambers that require additional accessories, these products will help ensure your chamber runs smoothly and effectively through every use.
  • Neuromuscular Stimulator Accessories - For neuromuscular stimulation modalities like TENS and EMS units, accessories like lead wires and replacement components are available to ensure your devices remain trustworthy and functional.
  • Pain Relief Products - To help relieve both temporary and chronic pain in severities ranging from mild to severe, our selection of pain relief products is a great solution, offering topical relief for a range of needs.
  • Pepin Electrodes - One of the most widely respected manufacturers of electrodes, Pepin is well-known for producing exceptional products with excellent conduction. Made in a variety of shapes and sizes, these electrodes are perfect for a wide range of applications.
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound Supplies - For added customization or replacement of broken components, therapeutic ultrasound supplies ensure each treatment session goes smoothly.
  • Whirlpool Tables and Whirlpool Chairs - Providing the benefits of whirlpool immersion requires that the patient have some sort of safe place to sit, and that's precisely what these tables and chairs are designed to do. 

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