Vision-Impaired Tools & Devices

Vision-impaired tools & devices are specially designed equipment that helps make daily life easier for people with low vision. Including braille, talking tools, and a variety of magnifiers, these tools ensure that people with various levels of decreased vision can still engage in all the same activities that they want and need to perform.

Low vision aids like blind canes, talking clocks and watches, plus braille translators and printers are all available to promote comfortable and easy navigation of the home or environment for people with low or decreased vision. 

Blind Canes
Blind Canes
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Paper and Books
Paper and Books
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Talking Clocks
Talking Clocks
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  • Braille and Tactile Timers - Designed to make it easier for people who cannot see well to still effectively use a timer, these times include either braille or other tactile options to make it easy to tell how much time is left.
  • Men's Braille Watches - These watches are designed for men who cannot see well and use braille to read the time, featuring a braille time display. The larger size is made to fit a man's wrist perfectly.
  • Women's Braille Watches - Perfect for women who use braille, these watches feature a braille time readout, while the slender design is a better fit for a woman's wrist.

Large Print:

  • Large Print Address Books - Great for people with low vision, these address books are large print to make reading and finding what you need quick and easy.
  • Large Print Books - Larger print makes reading easier so you don't have to give up reading as a hobby even if you're losing your sight or have trouble with smaller print books.
  • Large Print Keyboard - Designed to make it easy for users who have trouble with smaller print to type on a computer, these keyboards feature larger print, making them perfect for users with low vision.
  • Large Print Organizers - These organizers help you stay on top of your daily activities and appointments without allowing small print and low vision to stand in your way. The larger print makes it easy to read, perfect for users who cannot read smaller text as well.

Low Vision Aids:

  • Big Button Phones - Designed to make it easier for users with low vision or decreased dexterity to dial the phone, these telephones feature larger buttons with bigger text so that people who have trouble operating smaller buttons can still use the phone with ease.
  • Color-Coded Keyboard - Another option for easier keyboard use, a color-coded design makes the visibility of keys and differentiating between them easy for users with lowered vision and decreased visual acuity.
  • Floor Lamp - Great for a variety of tasks, floor lamps make it easier to see rooms, activities, and more for better visibility in a range of environments and contexts.
  • Low Vision Aids - A variety of assistive devices and tools are available to make daily life easier for users with low vision or decreased sight. Magnifiers, braille, and talking tools are available to make a range of tasks easier.
  • Low Vision Calculators - Great for calculating math from simple to complex, these calculators feature larger text displays, larger buttons, and high contrast designs that make it easier for users with low vision to easily operate and view them.
  • Low Vision Clocks - Specially designed to be easy to operate for people with low vision, these clocks include large, bright displays that offer high visibility and easy viewing.
  • Low Vision Lamps - Designed to make visibility easier for people with low vision, these lamps offer improved illumination and operation capabilities that are accessible for people who have difficulty seeing.
  • Low Vision Telephones - Low vision telephones include larger buttons, larger displays, and often talking answering machines and other options that make it easier for people who have trouble seeing to use them.
  • Low Vision Thermometers - A range of indoor and outdoor thermometers for various tasks are available with larger displays and bright illumination to make it easier for those with low vision to view the readout.
  • Low Vision Timers - Much like braille or tactile timers, these timers are designed for people who have decreased vision. They often feature larger readouts and even talking options to make it easier for people with low vision to operate them effectively.
  • Low Vision Watches - These watches are designed to be easily visible and useful for people with low vision. Often they feature extra-large text and bright illuminated readouts to make it easier for people to see.
  • Magnifying Lamp - Combining the power of illumination and magnification, these lamps are the perfect solution for fine detail viewing, especially hobbies and tasks like sewing.
  • Big Button Remote Controls - These universal remote controls are designed to be easily manipulated by people with trouble seeing or with limited dexterity. Larger buttons make them easy to see and properly use.
  • Board Games - Designed to allow people who are blind or visually impaired to still engage in fun games and activities, these games include larger print or braille to offer low vision accessibility.
  • Liquid Indicator - Great for people who are blind or vision impaired and living independently, these indicators make it easy to pour a cup of water or fill another vessel with liquid without spilling over.
  • Writing Guides - These guides are a great way to help people with visual impairments to write or learn to write if they don't already know how. Guiding them through the process of making letters, these guides are perfect for users of all ages.
  • Ball Games - More than just standard balls, these devices feature bells, buzzers, or other audible noise-makers to make it easier for people with low vision to engage in ball-centric sports.


  • Handheld Magnifier - The old-reliable magnifier, these magnifying glasses are versatile, handheld, and easy to use for reading, hobbies, and more.
  • Bar Magnifier - An innovation on the standard handheld magnifier, these devices are designed especially for reading, featuring a bar-shaped design that fits easily over lines of text.
  • Binoculars - Great for making far-away objects more clearly visible, binoculars are perfect for people with low vision during events like concerts or for hobbies like bird watching.
  • Dome Magnifier - A versatile table magnifier, the dome magnifier is perfect for making small text larger or for magnifying intricate details or designs on a flat surface.
  • Electronic Magnifier (CCTV) - Amping up the design of a traditional magnifier with the power of electricity, these electronic devices offer adjustable magnification and clear readout for ultimate functionality.
  • Low Vision Glasses - Designed to promote clarity and high-contrast visibility especially for people with low vision, these glasses are perfect for making life clearer without requiring you to hold a magnifier in your hand.
  • Lighted Magnifying Glasses - Great for providing even more visibility than a magnifier alone, these magnifying glasses boost visibility by adding light.
  • Loupe Magnifiers - These magnifying lenses are designed to either clip onto existing glasses or be worn with a head-mounted design that allows you to more easily engage in fine-detail projects with full, clear view.
  • Monocular - Great for magnified viewing of various tasks and objects, monoculars are great for when you need normal vision in one eye, but also magnification.
  • Page Magnifier - Designed especially for reading and working with books and pages, these magnifiers conveniently magnify a full page in order to avoid having to move smaller lenses over the lines and pages.
  • Pocket Illuminated Magnifiers - Fitting conveniently in the pocket for use whenever you need them, these pocket magnifiers provide easy magnifying power wherever you go plus the added visibility of illumination.
  • Pocket Non-Illuminated Magnifiers - Much like the illuminated versions, these pocket magnifiers are simple and convenient, allowing you to magnify anything you need to more easily see no matter where you go.
  • Stand Magnifier - Fitted on a convenient stand, these magnifiers offer the improved visibility of magnifying power with the added benefit of not having to hold a magnifier in your hand.
  • Thermostat Magnifiers - Often, for people with low vision, viewing the thermostat can be a common challenge, making it very difficult for them to operate and adjust the temperature to their comfort. These magnifiers are specially designed to make the thermostat easier to read without having to replace the whole unit.
  • TV and Computer Screen Magnifiers - With more and more viewing being done on the computer or television screen, these magnifiers make it easy for people with low vision to still easily use this technology without having to replace the whole device.

Talking Tools:

  • Men's Talking Watches - Designed to provide a convenient way for the blind or visually-impaired to make use of a watch, these watches read out the time when prompted for an easy way to tell time on the go without vision needed.
  • Women's Talking Watches - Much like the male version of the talking watch, these slimmer versions feature the same convenient benefits of reading out the time to enable easy time telling on the go for people with visual impairments.
  • Talking Thermometers - Much like other low vision thermometers, these are designed for users with visual impairments, reading out the temperature in a clear, easy-to-understand voice for convenient temperature readouts.
  • Talking Calculators - Perfect for students or adults who need to make frequent calculations, these calculators read out the buttons and totals in order to make them accessible for people with visual impairments.
  • Talking Reading Machines - For users for whom magnifiers will not do the job or are too cumbersome, reading machines are the perfect solution, reading printed or digital text aloud for people who are blind or who cannot read on their own.

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