Braces, Splints, & Protective Gear

Braces, splints, and other protective gear are often used to either prevent injury, or to protect an injured area as it heals. Whether designed to relieve pain through compression or to stabilize a body part through rigid stability, braces and splints are available for nearly any musculoskeletal area including the back, ankle, knee, elbow, and more.

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Protective Headgear
Protective Headgear
From $45.00
Protective Helmets
Protective Helmets
From $43.11
Cervical Collars
Cervical Collars
From $12.59
Back Supports
Back Supports
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Back Braces
Back Braces
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Shoulder Supports
Shoulder Supports
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Wrist Braces
Wrist Braces
From $16.42
Thumb Splints
Thumb Splints
From $14.38
Hip Braces
Hip Braces
From $54.54
Knee Orthosis
Knee Orthosis
From $109.99
AFO Multi Podus
AFO Multi Podus
From $39.56
Foot Drop Products
Foot Drop Products
From $33.75
Walking Casts
Walking Casts
From $42.22

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Hand, Wrist, and Arm:

  • Wrist Supports - In order to stabilize and support the wrist, a variety of braces are available to accommodate any and every type of wrist injury and pain. 
  • Finger Extension Splints - For finger contractures and injuries, finger extension splints are the perfect solution to keeping the finger joint from bending. 
  • Hand Contracture - For hands stuck in contracture, a variety of comfortable braces and splints are designed to offer stability, keeping the hand in an extended position.
  • Elbow and Forearm Straps - Designed to reduce strain on the structures between the elbow and wrist, these straps help to relieve pain and improve range of motion.
  • Elbow Protection and Supports - Perfect for helping to relieve pain and facilitate the healing of injuries, these supports target the soft and hard structures of the elbow to provide stability and comfort.

Hip and Thigh:

  • Thigh Support - For thigh injuries of all types, these thigh supports are the perfect solution to promote healing and relieve pain, helping to offer stability and prevent further injury.
  • Hip Fractures - For those who have fractured or injured their hip, specialized braces are required in order to provide ideal support to prevent further injury and help to relieve pain while encouraging healing.

Foot and Ankle:

  • Ankle Braces and Supports - When the ankles are weak or become injured, ankle braces are the perfect way to offer support and promote healing. 
  • Foot Care - For feet that have been injured or require support due to some other condition, foot care braces and casts are a great solution for protection and comfort.
  • Post-Op Shoe - After a procedure or surgery has been performed on the feet or foot, post-operative shoes provide protection from dirt, debris, and further injury.


  • Hinged Knee Braces - For those who have been injured or recently undergone a procedure that requires the knee to be fully stabilized with a fixed degree of rotation, a hinged knee brace provides rigid support while still allowing the knee to bend.
  • Compression Knee Braces - Perfect for athletes or those living with knee pain, compression supports are great for wearing during activity to keep the knees supported and comfortable while fighting inflammation and hypermobility.
  • Knee Braces and Supports - Ideal for a range of knee injuries and conditions, a variety of braces and supports offer stability and comfort, helping to prevent further injury while also relieving pain.
  • Knee Immobilizers - Great for more serious injuries to the knee, these braces keep the knee fully immobilized allowing it to heal freely without being irritated by movement.


  • Pediatric Splints and Braces - Child-sized splints and braces offer stability and support for children when they're injured or when they are at risk of injuring themselves due to certain conditions or activities.
  • Pediatric Mobile Arm Supports - For kids who have broken or injured an arm, or those who require more arm support due to certain conditions, mobile arm supports help protect the arm while still allowing the child to move their arm freely.
  • Pediatric Orthopedic - When children are injured or suffer from various orthopedic concerns, orthopedic supplies designed especially for child ensure both an ideal fit as well as more engaging colors to help children be more compliant with splinting needs.
  • Pediatric Casting Materials - Kids are often highly active and not quite as careful as most adults, which leads them to hurt themselves and break bones quite regularly. Thankfully, pediatric casting materials are available to provide ideal sizing and comfort.


  • Air Splints - Made with fillable air pockets, air splints offer a custom fit by being inflated around the limb and providing the perfect support space for the injured body part. They also boast a lightweight, comfortable feel due to their insulation with just air.
  • Fracture Bracing - To help alleviate pain and promote healing from a range of different kinds of fractures, fracture bracing is specially designed to provide comfortable support and stability.
  • Neoprene Accessories - Neoprene splinting is common for many different types of injuries and conditions. Accessories are available to modify the splints and help promote comfort, ideal support, and correct sizing.
  • Splinting Accessories - For a variety of splints and types of splinting materials, accessories are available to help modify the base components either for easier application or improved fit and comfort.
  • Splinting Casting and Alternatives - For those patients who cannot or do not want to wear traditional hard casts and splints, alternatives are available to offer more comfortable support and stability.
  • Splinting Hook and Loop - Perfect for a variety of splinting applications, hook and loop material works like velcro to provide easy attachment, adjustment, and removal of splint components.
  • Splinting Kits and Accessories - Providing an entire selection of the tools and components needed to create one or more highly effective splints, these kits are available to offer everything you need in one convenient package.
  • Splinting Neoprene - For a variety of splinting applications, splinting neoprene offers comfortable, breathable support and stability that ensure any splint crafted is durable and effective. Neoprene is available in both solid and perforated designs featuring a range of colors.
  • Splinting Padding - To help pad splints, improving comfort and protecting the skin from direct contact with the hard materials of the splint itself, splinting padding is available in many shapes, sizes, and thicknesses for a range of users.
  • Splinting Precut - Precut portions of splinting materials are available to help a physician to create splints without having to cut the neoprene, thermoplastics, or other materials themselves. 
  • Splinting Supplies - A variety of supplies are available to make splinting easy, effective, and convenient, offering a range of tools, padding, and materials to ensure you have everything you need in order to craft perfect splints.
  • Splinting Thermoplastics - Capable of being sized to fully form to a patient's limb, thermoplastics are shaped with heat to provide a totally unique splint for each individual's needs.
  • Splinting Tools - For punching holes, attaching components, and cutting materials, splinting tools offer a variety of options to help you create effective, comfortable splints for a variety of applications.

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