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Electrosurgery employs a medical device resembling a pen that produces a high frequency direct electrical current, creating enough heat conduction to rupture, or "cut" an incision in tissue while also cauterizing the incision (electrocautery) and reducing blood loss. Electrosurgery is used in hospital operation rooms, doctor's offices, and ambulatory surgical centers for procedures that include gynecological surgeries, dermatological procedures and other surgical applications.

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Top 5 Best Electrosurgery Tools

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Top Seller #1
Laparoscopic Electrodes

Starting at: $525.60

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  • Designed to facilitate effective coagulation and dissection.
  • Fully insulated shaft helps to prevent stray current and unwanted burns.

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Top Seller #2
Hand-Activated Electrosurgical Pencils

Starting at: $105.11

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  • Designed to provide a precise tool for reliable use.
  • Color-coded switch with auditory and tactile feedback makes controls easy to identify.

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Top Seller #3
Smoke Evacuation Machine Filters and Adapters

Starting at: $54.40

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  • Designed to help evacuate smoke from the operating room.
  • Guarantees that safety levels are high and smoke is removed.

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Stainless Steel and PTFE Coated Electrodes

Starting at: $71.81

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  • Designed to help reduce tissue damage and adhesion.
  • Helps to ensure a clean procedure for patient safety and comfort.

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Disposable Bipolar Cord

Starting at: $93.11

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  • Designed for use with opthalmic, neurosurgical microsurgical bipolar forceps.
  • Versatile design is convenient and disposable to reduce contamination.

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Cautery Tip Cleaner Debris Removal Tool

Starting at: $114.32

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  • Designed to eliminate disruptive scraping of electrodes or instruments.
  • Allows quick and easy debris removal and cleaning of instrument tips.

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Single Use Suction Coagulators, 10 Pack

Starting at: $188.50

  • Designed to provide controlled fluid evacuation.
  • Facilitates precise electrosurgical coagulation procedures.

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LLETZ Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone Electrodes

Starting at: $239.65

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  • Designed to offer an enhanced level of control and durability.
  • Help minimize thermal damage and yield good histopathology specimens.

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Adult and Pediatric Dispersive Electrodes - 50 per Case

Starting at: $284.68

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  • Designed to provide strong adhesion while enabling gentle removal.
  • Unique ergonomic shape better conforms to the body contours.

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Arthroscopic Electrodes

Starting at: $374.55

  • Designed to achieve a smooth, precise cut through any tissue.
  • Transparent insulation extends almost to the tip for improved visibility.

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Universal Smoke Evacuation Attachments

Starting at: $435.18

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  • Eliminates hazardous surgical smoke - When attached to a smoke evacuation machine, these attachments aid in removing dangerous surgical smoke caused by electrosurgical procedures from the surrounding environment
  • Variety of attachment choices - Customize these attachments to your specific surgical purposes, and select from coated or non-coated models, with/without cautery pencils, a rocker switch pencil or a button switch pencil, and with/without extension tip

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Smoke Evacuation Tubing

Starting at: $445.50

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  • Customize tubing and/or evacuation tools - The accessory options for the smoke evacuation machine include a hand-held evacuation wand with a high-flow filter for eliminating plume, and a speculum-fitted smoke evac tool that allows for hands-free smoke removal. A smaller micromanipulator smoke nozzle and Trocar tubing options are also available.
  • Exceptional smoke evacuation performance - Choosing your own optional tubing and accessories allows for customizable smoke removal, resulting in the safest environment for the patient and staff.

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Heat Resistant Electrosurgery Micro Needles

Starting at: $506.56

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  • Precision cutting/coagulation - No expensive laser is required when using these micro needles, as they provide precise accuracy for cutting and coagulation
  • Heat-resistant and super sharp tip - The extremely sharp Tungsten Carbide tip saves on wattage, while it also resists heat

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ExtendEVAC Smoke Evacuation Pencils and Attachments

Starting at: $751.86

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  • Allows for total visualization of the electrode tip to ensure optimum performance.
  • Remains close to the cauterization site with an innovative telescoping design.

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Top 5 Best Electrosurgery Tools

Why perform electrosurgery?

Electrosurgery has several advantages over conventional surgeries. As incisions are made, the tissue is cauterized, reducing blood loss and the time spent suturing blood vessels. The length of time under anesthesia is shortened as a result. The recovery period is quicker and there’s less postoperative pain. As a result, more procedures may be performed on an outpatient basis at doctors’ offices or ambulatory surgical centers instead of inpatient operating rooms.

Outpatient procedures have the added advantage of cost reduction since the patient can recover in the comfort of his or her own home.

How is electrosurgery different from traditional surgery?

Instead of a surgeon using a scalpel to make a cut in a surgical site, he or she would use a device resembling a pen. The pen passes a high-frequency electric current which creates enough heat to rupture the cells along the incision line. As it “cuts,” the edges of the site are cauterized.

Electrosurgery involves additional operating room equipment and protocols to ensure the safety of the patient and the medical personnel. The patient must be protected by a grounding pad to avoid shocks and unintended burns. A containment unit is needed to draw the smoke caused by creating the incision to avoid possible exposure to toxins and mutagens. Flammable substances such as anesthetic gasses and alcohol must be suitably contained to avoid ignition by a spark. Also importantly, live electrodes must never touch drapes, sheets, and sponges. Extra care must be taken in oxygen-enriched atmospheres as well.

Who benefits from electrosurgery?

Patients undergoing procedures on vascular-rich areas of the body such as the head and thorax benefit from the reduced blood loss and shorter times under anesthetic provided by electrosurgery. Reduced pain and quicker recovery times have been reported with this innovative method.

Other procedures that are appropriate for electrosurgery include gynecological surgeries such as tubal ligation or removal of cervical lesions, and dermatological procedures including removal of malignant growths.

Surgeons also benefit from an improved field of vision, allowing them to see growths, vascular malformations, or internal injuries unobscured by blood. They spend less time suturing the site, allowing the patient to get to the recovery room more quickly.

Where are electrosurgery supplies used?

Electrosurgery supplies are used in hospital operating rooms, ambulatory surgical centers and doctors’ offices.

Rehabmart is pleased to carry electrosurgery supplies by one of the field’s leading manufacturers, DeRoyal.

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