Tables for Therapy and Rehabilitation

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Work Tables For Therapy And Rehabilitation

Utilized for a broad range of curricular, professional, medical and therapy applications, work tables come in a plethora of styles, shapes and sizes. Personal tables, group therapy tables, specific hand therapy tables, occupational therapy tables, adjustable desk work tables, ADA-compliant and wheelchair accessible tables and powder boards all comprise our work tables for therapy and rehabilitation at Rehabmart. Work tables are used in all kinds of medical and professional occupations which include schools, nurseries, physical therapy and occupational therapy, rehabilitation, chiropractic, hospitals and doctor's offices.

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Top Seller #1
Bailey Heavy Duty Work and Occupational Therapy OT Tables

Starting at: $239.97

  • Heavy-duty laminated tops - Stands up to wear over a long period of time
  • Cutout aprons - Allows wheelchairs to fit comfortably at the specified occupational therapy tables
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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Top Seller #2
Upper Extremity Workstations

Starting at: $2,514.20

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  • Four-sided design allows treatment of multiple patients at once.
  • Encourages social interaction between users while saving time and space.
Performance Health

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Top Seller #3
Clinton Soft Curve Height Adjustable Work Table

Starting at: $971.20

  • Cut-outs on all sides allow users to have better access to the table.
  • Laminate table surface is durable and easy to clean for reliable use.
Clinton Industries

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Hausmann Horseshoe Therapy Table

Starting at: $540.77

  • The multi-purpose design can be used for one-on-one or group therapy equally well
  • Includes five hand-control knob adjustable metal table legs
Hausmann Industries

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Hough Hand Therapy Table with Hand Exercise System and Storage

Starting at: $5,261.20

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  • Semi-circular design is ideal for therapeutic use, easily accommodating patients.
  • Allows multiple patients to be treated at once for convenient therapy.
North Coast

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Mobile Height Adjustable Hand Therapy Table

Starting at: $343.26

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  • Small size is comfortable for both clinician and patient.
  • Adjusts in height with 2 spring-loaded hand control levers.
Clinton Industries

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Bailey Multi Place Child Cut Out Work Tables

Starting at: $516.45

  • Multiple seat cutouts - Group participants are close enough for a teacher or therapist to reach, yet comfortably spread out with enough space to work
  • Scratch-resistant, wood laminate top - Art, feeding, and other messy or high-impact activities will not damage the table top
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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Performa Fundamental Treatment Table

Starting at: $612.62

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  • Designed to provide a comfortable workspace for a wheelchair individual
  • Height adjustable from 29" to 44"
Performance Health

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Height-Adjustable Floating Pedestal Therapy Table

Starting at: $701.37

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  • Gas-spring assisted height adjustability to sit at the most comfortable and functional level for patient and therapist alike
  • Water-resistant laminate tabletop to prevent damage and ensure easy cleaning

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Rectangular Hi-Lo Wood Work Table

Starting at: $1,451.84

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  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Sturdy butcher block surface
Fabrication Enterprises

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Knob-Adjusted Wheelchair Accessible Therapy Tables

Starting at: $400.52

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  • Simple knob mechanisms for easy height adjustments at a moment's notice
  • Raise and lower table top to suit height of users as well as activities

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Bailey Heavy Duty Mobile Adjustable Height Wheelchair Table

Starting at: $619.66

  • Scratch-resistant table top - Perform daily work such as crafting, writing, or completing creative projects without damaging the surface
  • 5.5 x 20 rounded cutout - Wheelchair users will immediately notice the difference of a table designed to specifically accommodate their mobility needs
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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Hausmann Wheelchair Accessible Personal Activity Table

Starting at: $380.00

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  • This table can be used for a wide range of multi-purpose activities
  • Designed to allow wheelchair user easy access
Hausmann Industries

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Bailey Kidney Shaped Work Table

Starting at: $507.14

  • Scratch-resistant laminate top - Remains undamaged through arts, crafts, and other engaging activities
  • Five adjustable legs - Accommodates users of all sizes
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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Circular Hi-Lo Wood Work Table

Starting at: $1,312.13

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  • Height range 28 to 36 inches
  • Revolving tabletop can be locked in place
Fabrication Enterprises

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Height-Adjustable Group Therapy Workstation

Starting at: $1,217.40

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  • Height adjustable to accommodate both standing and seated users as well as wheelchairs of all sizes
  • Seats 4 to 8 people for compatibility with group activities

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Hausmann  Crank Hi-Lo Laminate Work Table

Starting at: $1,773.33

  • High-pressure laminate top is durable and strong.
  • Industrial-strength steel frame offers h-brace support.
Hausmann Industries

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Height-Adjustable Round Group Therapy Pedestal Tables

Starting at: $921.20

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  • Height adjustable for ergonomic support whether sitting or standing
  • Can accommodate wheelchairs and power chairs of most shapes and sizes

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Clinton Adjustable Height Hand Therapy Table

Starting at: $465.61

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  • High-quality table is versatile and ideal for a variety of therapies.
  • Durable, laminate top is easy to clean for improved hygiene.
Clinton Industries

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Performa Adjustable Hand Therapy Table

Starting at: $494.22

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  • Specifically designed by hand therapists to be a perfect hand therapy platform between a patient and a therapist
  • Includes a sleek and durable fixed laminated tabletop
Performance Health

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Hausmann  Round Hydraulic Work Table

Starting at: $1,159.00

  • Designed to easily accommodate up to four users.
  • Easily accessible for wheelchair users of any age.
Hausmann Industries

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Bailey Pediatric Work Tables with Laminate Top

Starting at: $306.90

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  • Heavy-duty laminate tops - Resist scratching and other damage resulting from frequent use
  • Heights from 16 to 26 in. - Successfully accommodate small children and wheelchair users in the same place
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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Height Adjustable Hand Therapy Table by Armedica

Starting at: $345.83

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  • Thin table width facilitates hand therapy and reduces strain on the clinician.
  • Specialized design promotes interaction between patient and therapist.
Armedica Manufacturing

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Bailey Hand Therapy Table and Desk

Starting at: $849.77

  • Drawers, shelves, and storage rack - Combines practicality with functionality by giving therapists easy access places to store important items
  • Optimally-sized treatment surface - Table has enough surface area to successfully conduct hand treatments, while remaining small enough to be used as a consultation facilitator and everyday work desk
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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Hausmann Deluxe Crank Butcher Block Work Table

Starting at: $2,107.95

  • Designed to easily accommodate patients of all sizes.
  • Unique design is conveniently accessible for wheelchair users.
Hausmann Industries

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Hausmann Electric Work Table

Starting at: $2,409.95

  • Versatile design is ideal for a wide range of activities.
  • Provides exceptional performance at an affordable price.
Hausmann Industries

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Pedestal Hi-Lo Work Tables

Starting at: $3,537.94

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  • Reliable electro-mechanical drive offers a height range of 25” to 42”
  • Foot control enables hands-free operation
Fabrication Enterprises

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Hausmann Powermatic Work Table

Starting at: $3,228.95

  • Ideal for a wide range of activities and applications.
  • Heavy duty construction ensures long-lasting durability.
Hausmann Industries

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Hand Therapy Table

Starting at: $391.68

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  • Designed specifically to be used in a clinical setting for hand therapy
  • Includes a smooth and comfortable laminated table top
Performance Health

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Bailey Individual Cut Out Table

Starting at: $393.46

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  • Offset legs - Adjusts quickly so users can place patient at the center of the table
  • Swinging door - Swings down or out to lock patient in place
Bailey Manufacturing Company

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How to Choose the Right Work Table
Because there are so many different types of work tables available, it can be difficult and time-consuming to figure out which type is right for your particular professional requirements. To make it an easier process, let us explain the basic categories of these work tables, and what they are generally used for:

Adjustable Desk Work Tables
Height-adjustable work table desks help to create more accessible desk space in schools and other environments. With the capability to provide ample knee space for children and adults in wheelchairs, these desks typically offer a tilt feature to accommodate various rehab activities, offering multiple accessibility positions for a work and play surface. Adjustability is achieved through various means depending on the model. Hydraulics, hand crank, electric power or easy-to-adjust knobs and/or spring-loaded plungers are the adjusting options to choose from.

Personal Work Tables
These tables are perfect for many different applications and can feature a stationary or tilting top. You can use these tables at home, at work, in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and in schools. A cut-out apron on some of the tables allow easier wheelchair access, while some can be adjusted in height for this same purpose. Personal work tables are typically only used by one person at a time.

Group Therapy Work Tables
Ideal for use by several individuals at once, group therapy work tables can be used in a variety of settings. Generally seating between 4 and 8 people, depending on the size of the particular table, group tables can come in several varying shapes. Our U-shaped group therapy table may be used to seat up to four people in wheelchairs, while our kidney-shaped group therapy work table features adjustable legs to give it the capability to be used in any setting for any age. Our rectangular Hi-Lo wood work table offers height adjustability with a hydraulic foot pump which makes it perfect for play, work, therapy or rehab. Group therapy work tables offer plenty of work space for many people working at one time, with plenty of sitting space for knees and wheelchairs.

Hand Therapy Tables
Also known as Hand Tables, these work tables are as varied as the practitioners who use them. Our hand table selections include semicircular hand therapy tables that can seat up to two therapists simultaneously, allowing treatment for multiple patients. These Hough semicircular tables also include a hand exercise system featuring a reversible board, two mobile posts, two cam posts, two resistance posts, one thumb resistance post and a poster with suggested exercises. Another great choice is the ADA-compliant Hand Therapy Table with Knob Adjustment which offers plenty of space for wheelchair patients, and encourages interaction between the therapist and the patient during hand therapies.

Combining storage with a work table, the Hand Therapy Table and Desk highlights two shelves, two drawers, optional locks and a literature rack, which can also double as a storage space for flat therapy boards. Our excellent Circumductor Table and Graduated Weight Set provides wrist circumduction, arm pronation and supination, and a full range of muscle training for metacarpophalangeal knuckles and joints. And with highlights that include a manipulation board, graded pegboard, bilateral sander, stacking cones, a shoulder abduction ladder, a shoulder exercise ladder, a graded ROM Arc and much more, our Upper Extremity Workstation features a four-sided design, accommodating multiple clients at one time.

Powder Board Work Tables
Often used at rehabilitation and physical therapy facilities, powder board work tables provide a simple method for strengthening muscles and range of motion exercise. Featuring a smooth, low-friction surface that helps to prevent chafing or scraping, powder boards facilitate upper body, arm and hand exercises, while they can also be used for exercising lower extremities, as well. Most powder boards sit very low to the ground, making them comfortably accessible for leg and arm exercises. Other styles offer cut-outs to allow patients to sit closer to the table for better accessibility by the practitioner.

Rehabmart is proud to offer the highest quality and innovative work table selections from such fine manufacturers as Clinton Industries, Sammons Preston, AD-AS, Fabrication Enterprises, Hausmann Industries and Bailey Manufacturing Company.

Hulet Smith, OT
Rehabmart Co-Founder & CEO


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