Medical Exam & Treatment Tables

Medical exam tables, also known as hospital tables, treatment tables, and medical tables, are designed to provide a comfortable, hygienic, and supportive base for treatment and diagnostics in any medical setting from private clinics to large hospitals. These tables are available in static or adjustable models, with an array of positioning options to ensure maximum versatility and ideal use for your unique practice needs.

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Medical Exam Tables
Medical Exam Tables
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Mat Tables
Mat Tables
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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation:

  • Taping Tables - For sports rehab and other physical therapies, taping tables provide the perfect resting spot for athletes and patients receiving treatment for injuries. They may be static or feature head and/or foot adjustment options for versatility.
  • Static Treatment Mats - These wide, comfortable mat tables are low to the ground and perfect for physical therapy, exercise, and related activities. Static means that these tables are not adjustable.
  • Power Adjustable Treatment Mats - Power adjustment adds versatility to the standard mat table, bringing greater possibility to physical therapy or exercise settings. These wide, low mats are sturdy and stable for a variety of treatment and active uses.
  • Traction Tables & Accessories - Designed to help relieve pain and improve spinal health, traction tables feature separate segments for different body areas, allowing these components to be adjusted in order to gently stretch the spine.

Imaging & Procedure:

  • Tilt Tables - Used to perform a tilt table test (TTT), these tables prove safety for patients while they are tilted toward one end and then the other. This procedure is used to diagnose patients with dizziness or lightheadedness.
  • Ultrasound Tables - Designed to enable the easy conduction of ultrasound imaging, these tables are the perfect addition to any sonographer's room. They support the patient and allow easy adjustment for comfortable sonography and ultrasound.
  • Imaging Tables - These tables are designed to be safe for use in medical procedures. The versatile positioning enables easy access to the patient, while the durable construction is supportive and will not interfere with instruments.
  • Urology Tables - For patients who need imaging or procedures performed on the urological system, these tables offer the best solution. Comfortable, supportive, and adjustable, urology tables are perfect for large hospitals or specialized practices alike.
  • Procedure Chairs - Ideal for performing specialized procedures in which the patient needs to remain upright, procedure chairs are a great way to keep your patient comfortable and stabilized while you perform tests and treatments.
  • Trendelenburg Positioning Tables - These tables are a great way to place a patient in both the Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positions. These positions are frequently used in surgery and to treat venous air embolism.

Massage & Spa:

  • Massage Tables & Accessories - Designed to provide both comfort and stability, massage tables are padded without too much give to support the patient without them experiencing discomfort. They offer the perfect surface specially designed to promote effective massage.
  • Spa Tables - For people spending time in a spa, it's important that the treatment table they lay on fits the feeling a spa is supposed to evoke - comfortable, clean, high-quality. These tables are uniquely crafted to ensure they not only conjure this feeling, but that they are long-lasting and easy for you, as the practitioner, to use as well.
  • Portable Massage Chairs - Designed to support the massage therapist or masseuse on the go, portable massage chairs are a great solution for comfortably supporting the patient while you perform treatment without being too bulky for you to easily bring with you.

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